Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Buddy ... we miss you!!

Tomorrow will be two weeks since the day we believe our Buddy went away to go to a better life.  Matt realized it on Thursday, he took the day off, called me at work and asked me if I had seen Buddy, I knew right then and there what this meant, my Buddy was gone!!  I knew this day was coming, I could tell he was getting older, a long time ago I noticed how it took him a lot longer to come running through the front door when I clapped my hands outside, we also noticed that he had been coughing a lot, it was almost like a human cough and it made me feel so guilty that we never did anthing about it.

Buddy was such a good guardian, he always warned us when a car was pulling in the driveway (an airplane was flying, a bird was going by, someone was walking by the road, anything that he felt was unusual for us he let us know), there are so many wonderful stories that he starred :)

I remember coming home with him, he was a tiny puppy, I held him up against my shoulder, he was like a baby; he chew the door frame in our front door :), he was my companion when I first move to this neck of the woods, he knew when I was sad, he was with me at all times until I became a mother, I couldn't take a crying baby and a barking dog so that day Buddy started to spend more time outside the house than following me around inside the house.  He was never too excited about having the kids around, I think he could tell he was put aside when Nicolas came and when Emilia came he just ran away from her, literally which of course was so funny to us!!

This past weekend (long weekend) was a constant reminder of how much we miss him.  His bowls are still by the front door, I can't bring myself up to taking them out (what if he comes back?!), I just can't do it, his toys are still out in the yard, I can't put them up, it kills me to see those there but I just can't ... we saw a wild turkey in our yard yesterday, Matt said "you know we didnt' realized how many animals Buddy kept away from the yard", I started to clean up our flower beds this weekend, the bushes have taken over and I'm so afraid that snakes are pilling up down there since our guardian is not around anymore.

Everyday we came home from school/work Nicolas would say "Mom!! May be today is the day Buddy will decide to come home" of course that made me cry everytime, or when he prayed "God please make Buddy come home, even if he is far far away in another country, send him home to us quickly" :/  Now he didn't like to go outside to play with friends when Buddy was out there because Buddy loved to jump so that scared him but I guess Nicolas can tell how much we miss our Buddy.  If you ask Emilia where Buddy is she'll tell you "we lost Buddy!" ... I've cried over this dog more than I ever thought I would, he was our baby before we had babies so I figured since I had my two precious children I wasn't going to be so sad ... eeeeeeeeh ERROR!  I've been super sad, every night after the kids go to bed I find myself thinking "it's time to let Buddy in" and nope, no more Buddy!!!

We Love You Dearly and We Miss You Even More!!!!!!!! Thank you for teaching me that I could love a pet!!  You were my first one, you will always have a special place in my heart!!!  I know we need to get a new dog but it is just so hard right now ...