Monday, July 27, 2009

I will never do it again.

This past weekend a mother lost her 18 year old son, her "baby" boy, this woman is my husband's second cousin, I think I've seen her once (in a visitation), we've never spoken, we just shook hands, gave smiles and move on to the next person in line, the visitation where we met was for her grandmother. Although I've never actually talk to her, my heart goes for her ... I can not imagine the pain, the shock, the pain, the anger, the pain, the confusion, the pain of loosing your son. He was only 18, he was going to College this fall. He had a girlfriend, friends, a normal life, you know? It was all taken in a second, the second he decided to text while driving!! That second was enough to make his car go off the road, when he realized he corrected too hard, the car rolled over, hit a tree, the tree felt on his neck and killed him, immediately!! (Beautiful thing is that he was a donor so hopefully his organs will help others live longer).

I text a lot, at work, at home, while cooking, while driving YES while driving!! After this horrible accident, I can promise you I won't do it anymore ... ever ... I don't care if it's an emergency, I don't care if it's the Pope ... I am not texting while driving anymore.

My heart goes to this mother and family, to his brother who's only 21. What a pain and loss.

I love my blackberry (how twisted is to love a 'thing' like a blackberry) but I will not text while I drive ... NEVER ... I promise from this moment on ... I will not!

Pray for this family and if you text (like I did) please don't do it while you drive!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our first encounter ... oh the JOY!

Yesterday was our first ultrasound and actually first Doctor's appointment. I was nervous, not sure why but I was, I guess the excitement, the anticipation, the what if's in the back of my mind that I'd never allow to be more than a split second but then it ends right there ... know what I mean?

So Matt and I went, we didn't have to wait much (which is a miracle on itself because I've learned that any time you have a doctor's appointment your time is never the time you are seen), pee in the cup, get on that pretty yucky gown and the Doctor came, she was very nice, I really liked her, never had a female before. My old Doctor is not delivering babies anymore. We talked, she checked my breathing among other body parts ;o) and then the ultrasound machine came rolling in and there he/she was.

As soon as she went in, the baby was moving his/her tiny feet and hands, it was adorable, the joy was exactly the same, I wanted to cry of emotion, it was a sweet sweet moment, as sweet as it was when we saw Nicolas for the 1st time.

There was only one moment where our hearts stop for a second, that was when the Doctor said "Let me look around to see if we have more than one baby" I could feel Matt and I just stopped breathing ... and then she said "let's look carefully because at this point they like to hide when there's two" and then she said "well it looks like we only have one" ... whoaaaaaaa ... sight ... back with the living! :)

Oh the joy, to hear his/her heart beat, to see him/her move ... to know you are in there darling baby, moving happily inside of me.

The nausea is almost gone and of course heart burn has made it first appearances but I'll take that any time instead of nausea!

Exciting times ahead!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"If this is not YOUR child ..."

You know how we, as parents, like to see what feature (habit, looks, you name it) of ours our kids have in them?. Not long ago the three of us went out to eat at a Pizza Place (one of my favorite foods since pregnancy # 2 started) and I looked at Nicolas, this is what I see, my sweet eyes dimpled faced child with a brownie on one hand and a plane pizza slice on the other, I gave Matt this looked and told him "If this is not YOUR child I don't know what ...". We both laughed and kept on eating. As we left the restaurant a guy drove by, windows down, loud music (Hispanic music I must say) and as soon as my son heard it, he started dancing right there in the middle of the side walk, that's when Matt looked at me and said "and if this is not YOUR child, i don't know what..." ha ha ha.

Last night as I'm laying on the couch after I went to the store, did laundry, swept the basement, yes I overdid myself but I haven't had energy in a long long time so like my husband told me "you got too proud of yourself" :). Back to the subject, as I was laying there Matt started Nico's bath (he always does that for him), Nico got in the water and was playing with what you could consider 50% of all his toys in there but of course he needed one more toy.

N: "Daaaaaddy!!!"

M: "Yes Nicolas?"

N: "I need Diego in the bathtub"

M: "Where is Diego?"

N: (small pause) "On the table"

Matt went to look and there it was, now let me explain something to you, this is the son of two people who are always looking for keys, glasses, cell phones, wallets, purses ... etc. We spend a lot of time trying to find that one thing we need, well our son, has toys in his bedroom, living room, dinning table (that's where Diego was) and he left it there the night before (I know you are wondering we don't pick up the toys everyday??? nope we don't, only the ones from the living room floor that drive me nuts, the rest is move to the side and it's fine) and he knew exactly where it was, so obviously this little person has some features of his own. Like knowing where he left his stuff.

I wonder if it'll stick until teen years ... I know, nice try, right?

Monday, July 13, 2009


It's been a long time since I've sat down to write down in my blog, I've had some tiring days lately, not only because my husband went on Mission Trip for 11 days but also because I'm pregnant (8 weeks yesterday) so my level of energy has been extremely low, adding to that there has been some on going nausea (nothing else thank goodness) so mix it all together and you have one tired woman.

Today has been the first day that I actually feel with energy to cook, do laundry, have a normal conversation with my husband, play with my son and of course, post something on here. :)

Since my pregnancy has been very different this time around, almost everyone has told me "may be this time it's a girl ..." which I understand but really I'd be happy with 2 boys, boys are all I know, I have everything for a boy and to be quite honest I'm not this very girly girl who loves pink (actually I can't stand pink) and all girly stuff, don't take me wrong I'm not a manly looking female either, I just don't have it in me ... know what I mean? Anyways, I'm not saying if I have a girl I wouldn't be happy, all I'm saying is the prototype of having a boy and a girl is so strongly engraved in people's mind that everyone is pulling for "the girl" and I really would be happy being queen of the house, surrounded by all my men! (I always got along better with males, anyway ... ha ha ha ha).

We have not told our son yet, we feel the wait seems forever for them and until I'm fully showing we won't say much to him, although it seems that he already knows something since he told the couple that kept the nursery on Sunday "My Mommy has a baby in her belly!" ok so may be he knows more than what we would like to admit but at this point we are not talking about it yet. (He could of heard someone asking him "so your mommy has a baby in her belly?" for all we know).

So bath time ran short and I couldn't finished this, now an hour and a half later I totally forgot where I was going with this post, all I know is today I felt great and I want to blame it all in my husband, the fact that he's home, helping, understanding (I almost burned the ground beef tonight, to the point of ruining supper but salt, pepper, oregano,lots of Parmesan cheese and a very understanding husband can fix anything, right?) has me so happy that tonight was a great evening, the fact that our son was happy had a lot to do with it too, but may be that had to do with the fact that I was happy :).

Hoping for more happy days as we receive lots of sweet guests this summer, I'll post more about that later.

Happy evening everyone!