Saturday, September 26, 2009

How nice it's been!!!!!!!!!

The time has come and Mom will be returning back home soon. Although it makes me sad because she has spoiled me to the point that is ridiculous I know she'll be back soon, when our daughter (Yes!! it's a girl!!) is born in Feb., Lord willing sometime after that she will be back to spoil us all. I truly believe that even our dog "Buddy" will miss her.

Today has been a wonderful day, actually the last week has been great, we went together to the ultrasound, Matt and my Mom were hugging each other so sweetly when we found out it was a girl, they swore it was a girl (along with everyone else in the county :D and they were right!), if someone would of taken a look at them from the outside it would of seemed like the child was born already, their excitement was so so so sweet that I'm glad we experienced that together!

Friday night Mom and I attended the women conference at our church, we were blessed to have a translator so Mom could understand the main speaker, she was so funny and so truthful, great evening. Mom also attended my class and for that I felt so excited and proud to have her there with me.

Today it has been raining all day again, Matt found out at the last minute that he had to work today so our original plan of going out for breakfast as a family was shaky for a moment but instead we decided to go on, grabbed a biscuit for Nicolas at Chick-Fil-A (thank God the Cow wasn't there since my son can't stand it) and then we head to our favorite restaurant to enjoy a yummy breakfast together, Nicolas was on his best behavior and Mom and I were in cloud 9 enjoying some delicious coffee and goodies. Rain kept pouring and I decided to go check a bouncy place that we've heard a lot about but had never taken the time to visit, it was a hit, the best $5.00 spent in my life, Nico bounced over and over and over again, I was hoping for a great nap but actually he hasn't, instead he has been calmly watching TV and playing with his toys, so it's ok if there's no nap.

As soon as we got home Mom decided to make a home made soup, which we are getting ready to enjoy right this minute!!

This afternoon we are going shopping to buy some last minute stuff for her to take home.

I just wanted to share how nice it's been, how much we've enjoyed her company, her love, her attentions, her cooking, her loving, her sweet self being with us, unselfishly ready to share her talents and love with us. Mom if you only knew how much we are going to miss you!! WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN TRULY EXPRESS.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My baby boy is 3 W O W

I know he's not a baby, far from it, but he is still my baby, although I'm carrying another one in the womb Nico is still my baby. :)

We celebrated his birthday at home this past Saturday, a simple party, filled with close friends, his teacher from his preschool came and that had him thrilled beyond explanation, he personally invited her one day (as he invited our whole town every time we saw someone we knew at the grocery store or at church or anywhere) and she sweetly came and made his day. Thank God for her being there because she was the only one to convince him to come to the table as all his friends were waiting to sing happy birthday, he kept his hands covering his ears since, according to him, "everyone is going to be too loud". I'm telling you what, this boy is going through some weird stages in life. He doesn't like anything loud unless is his own drums, fire trucks, guitar, police helmet (all of this are new toys) but if you are making a loud noise ... Oh My ... we can not take that!! :)

The kids play outside, got loaded up with sugar (cookies, cake, ice cream, M&Ms) we did have a few salty items (chips and cheetos) but everyone had a blast, he absolutely adore his birthday cake, he had to show everyone his cake, any time someone walked in the door, he wouldn't say hello or anything, his greeting was "come over here and see my cake, it's beautiful!!". I love to see my boy happy!!

I had to give my mom some not so great news after the party, I found out Friday but I didn't want to ruin the party for her, when I called to change her plane ticket to extend her visit for 3 more weeks, I found out that not only I needed to pay for the "penalty" but for the change in price which all together cost me as much as the original tickets, so of course I said "No, Thank You" when the lady asked me "Ma'am are you willing to pay that amount?" I'm totally ok with it, Mom is going to spend 2 months with us, she has spoiled us beyond comprehension and Lord willing she will be back after our baby is born to spoil us again, so I know this is God's way to say, you need to go back now, but I'm sad because I know she is, this was a change of plans and my sweet mother doesn't deal well with change, I truly believe as we get older we just don't deal well with that kind of stuff, so say a prayer for her to find comfort and reassurance that our God is doing this for a bigger reason, that she is needed down there more than up here with us.

Yesterday God gave me a perfect evening, I was achy all day but when we got home Nicolas was filled with happiness, he played outside, ran around following our dog, went around the house many times, then when he was ready, came back upstairs and watched some TV, then we all - by all I mean, my mom, my husband, Nico and I - colored together, had yummy supper together, sat down and talked, it was a perfect evening that we all needed after a crazy weekend. While we were coloring and talking, Matt told me something, which I commented with a "oh that makes me sad", quickly Nicolas looked at me and said "Mommy, you sad?" and before I could say a word he looked at his daddy and said "Daddy, don't tell mommy things that make her sad". He is so aware of my moods and how I feel, it's scary! So we explain to him that it's OK to feel sad, that sometimes we are going to feel that way and there's nothing wrong with that. Later on in the evening, all of the sudden, out of no where he got all teary eyed and said "Mommy I'm sad" I asked him why, he said "because my animals ... " (the phrase was never finished, he just happened to be looking at his animals when we were talking, so I guess that was the first thing that came to mind). I guess he was just applying what we had talked earlier in the day. =) Silly boy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vacation and parenthood ... sorry is long but please read bc I need your advise

Another summer has come and gone and we were blessed to enjoy a week at the beach, last year was our first and we loved it, enjoyed time with friends and family, this year and since my Mom is here we just did it as a family, my men, my mom, my little belly and me (I love to say my little belly because when I was going through my first pregnancy I was already huge at this time).

We had sweet moments, fun moments, melt down moments (from my child and me - don't forget how hormones can affect too), good heart to heart talks with my mom (I needed those), there was only one thing missing and that was dinner alone with my hubby, hopefully we'll get to do that soon.

The day we arrived was gorgeous, Nicolas went straight to the pool, which was right outside the back door while mom and I unpacked and my mom had a germophobic moment and started cleaning, washing, swiping and disinfecting every little corner, I guess is a miracle of God we (Matt, Nico and I) have not gotten contagious with any deadly diseases since I truly am not nearly as thorough as my mother would like for me to be, don't take me wrong, I'm not a nasty person, I love to take my shower everyday, wash my hands after I use the bathroom or if I have been out, you know all the normal stuff people do but I don't walk around my house with the mop and clorox disinfecting stuff ... ha ha ha. I had forgotten my mom had this quality and that I certainly didn't get it. No wonder she cleans for a living and I sit on my desk behind a computer =)

We had a rainy day too but we decided to spend it in other activities, we visit the Aquarium, went to the zoo and the kids museum, I was running out of ideas and places and the days started getting better so we were able to enjoy the beach a couple of times more.

My favorite moments were:

* watching Spanglish with my mom!
* seeing Nicolas enjoy the waves as he pushed us away since he wanted to stand on his own and balance on his own, he did really good, he loves water just like his daddy and I.
* watching Nicolas and my mom play together, building sand castles.
* taking a walk with my mom at the beach while Matt and Nico played in the water.
* walking in the beach in the evening and getting our feet wet
* seeing my mom's face at the aquarium, she absolutely loved it!!
* getting caught by a wave under the water (I'm not afraid of water) it brought back so many childhood memories!!!! I'm glad I didn't hit the bottom of the ocean with my belly because then it wouldn't been fun but it was funny to think back and remember how I was trying to fix my bathing suit before the wave would let me go since I was pretty sure everything was out of place =)
* Nicolas and my mom sharing a room together.

I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to spend time with my family. What a gift, specially considering my mom lives so far away.

In other news with our family, at the end of this month we should find out what our 2nd baby is going to be. E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E is betting is going to be a girl, I still give this baby a chance that he could be a boy. Wouldn't it be fun if he is a boy and I'm THE ONLY ONE who thought of that chance!! he he he he.

Nicolas is being a normal 3 year old (his birthday is coming up this weekend). While we were on vacation any suggestion of what we could go or were going to do he did not like, his answer for them all was "nope, I don't wanna do that" or "but I don't want to" or "no thank you!" (at least he was polite, right?). Of course as he didn't want to go we still did what was planned and most of the time he had a great time. He's having a really hard time with people dressed in costumes, of course every where we went there was people like that, forget chick-fil-a if the cow is there, you would think he saw the devil himself, he starts shaking and his heart pounds so hard I can see it coming out of his chest ... is so sad and I have no idea where this fear comes from, people had told me this is normal but I don't like it at all, we've never talked about witches or anything scary and when he saw the clown at the kids' museum he said "that witch is going to get me" WHERE IS THIS COMING FROM???? I've been meaning to talk to his teacher about this but this past few days she hasn't been in the classroom so anyway ... anybody has any suggestion??? what to do?? how to handle this?? Oh yes and since I'm asking about suggestions I need more help. Here's an example of what the situation is:

The other day we went to my in-laws and my nephew was there outside without any shoes on, which we don't agree with, of course Nicolas wants to do that too because he sees his cousin doing it and I try to explain to him that it was important to put his shoes on so he wouldn't get bites or cuts or splinters or whatever and he said "but D. doesn't have his shoes on" I said but I am your mom not D's and if I asked you to do something is not to be mean, I just want to protect you" so he apparently understood because he put them on but then he went outside and was insisting that his cousin would go and put his shoes on, how do I explain to him that if his cousin is raised differently we don't need to interfere but just mind our own self, I don't wanna say that because it seems like I'm raising him to be selfish and that's not what I want for him either, I know he's only 3 but in his early mind there are things that are important for me as a Mom that he understand. Anyway my experience mothers that read me, tell me ... how do you do it? what do you say?

Thank you!