Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Perfect Day

After a week of being home I finally can say we had a perfect day!!  There was no TV watching until after lunch; normally Nicolas gets to watch some early in the morning since he's my early bird :)  This Momma needs some time to get going these days! but for reasons that we shouldn't discuss I can tell "someone" didn't get to watch TV at night for 3 days in a row and on top of that the early morning tv watching was out today too.  I don't know if it was that or what but boy oh boy he was awesome today!!!!!!!!!!

We had breakfast on the back deck, Nicolas wrote letters on his board and then we went around the house looking for things that started with that letter, God send us an airplane when we started and it was super exciting, the sweetest thing was Emilia looking up and waving Abuelita bye, I taught both of my children to remember their Abuelita each time they see an airplane because that's the only way she can come see us :)  We also did some painting, played store, Nicolas and Emilia played Mom & Dad, my favorite lines from that pretend play was this:
Nicolas "Millie, you know you are going to have to wake up early because I wake up late!"   When I was telling Matt this tonight, Nicolas heard us and say "yeah I was trying to be like Daddy!" that made it even better!!!!!!!! 

Emilia working on her 3rd painting project

 Nicolas concentrating on his work

Projects done!

We went on a walk to the mail box or what it is now called "a nature walk" because we look at details that we normally don't pay attention when we walk by or at least I don't, I'm pretty sure Emilia always takes the time to look at little rocks, flowers, sticks, etc. but busy mom here doesn't take time to look down except when I remember there could be a snake around and then I really pay attention.
After that I pushed them in the swing for a little bit, thank goodness Nana came by to see us because it was super hot outside and I didn't want to stay out that long so she gave us a good excuse to go back inside.  Nicolas jumped over the sprinkler and Emilia refuses to get wet like that, she doesn't like splashing (just like her daddy) Nicolas is a water-lover!

Everyone got along today, there was no screaming on their part (or mine) ... and the cherry of this cake was Nicolas' prayer tonight "Father, thank you for giving me the power to be good for my mommy today!"  

Matt and I spent time together while we watched the 6 o'clock news and that was a nice little break for us.

After everyone went to bed I watched Chilean news and some more tv, chatted with friends on FB and called my mom.

PERFECT DAY! Praising God for it!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Eventful day

Well today has been a day filled with events, started with Matt coming to tell me as I was half awake in bed that Romeo (our cat we got a few weeks ago from a friend) was dead under our apple tree, he put it in the basement so it wouldn't stink or swell through out the day so he could buried it tonight.

Nicolas had his first ever Dental appointment and he did wonderfully!!!!!! I had mine yesterday (no not my first, thanks!) and he went with me so he could see what a dental cleaning was like, he asked many questions and behaved great considering how long it took to get my teeth all clean!

After that we went to pick up Daddy so we could all enjoy a lunch with his mom and our nephews, it was fun but crazy, 3 adults, 3 kids and 1 teen in a little booth at the pizza place, all hungry, all ready to go to our next chore, a drink was spilled the second after we got there but we managed, we ate, we enjoyed, we laughed, we talked, we left.  Nana took all the boys to the park to kill time before the movie started as they couldn't make the original time because the pizza order took too long.

Emilia and I went to Sam's to buy a salad (yes I go to Sam's to buy just one item sometimes, I'm weird like that), when I told her where we were going she got so excited, I thought Wow that's impressive, right after that she said "yay! I want to bounce" then I realized she thought we were going to our friend Sam's house not the store, I tried to explain to her we were going to the store and not our friend's house but I figured she'll get it once we got there and she did, she put her sunglasses on, grabbed her baby and we walked through the store, I let her check the stuff she wanted to look and touch, she looked at dresses and fuzzy sleepers, what a girly girl so not like her momma! :)

When we got home I forced my child to take a nap even though she was extremely tired she was fighting a nap so badly, she cried for a while, threw her pillow and covers away from her crib, took her diaper off and after all that fit I went back for the 3rd time since this all started and made her pick up all her stuff, put it back in the crib, put a pull-up on and pat her back a few minutes and she went to sleep, I had to put one of those heavy things on my eyes to help my headache.

Nicolas got home super excited after the movie, he invited his cousin Daniel to stay and they played outside.  Then Matt came home and broke the news to him, he came inside and said "Mom, I need to tell you something ... it's about Romeo" and then Daniel quickly said "He's dead!" I pretended I didn't know, I told him I was sorry and I asked him how he felt, he said he was OK, so I went and gave him a hug and Nicolas stretched his arm to the side where Daniel was standing and all 3 of us hugged, it was a sweet moment!  Daniel told him "It's OK Nicolas, I've been through this, you'll be fine" what made it funny was that Nicolas wasn't even sad but Daniel was being so supportive and trying to tell him the right thing, you had to be there ... :)

Now I'm off to bed, it's after midnight again ... what can I say I do enjoy some alone time watching TV and checking stuff on the computer.

Good Night!

PS: Pics will be added later

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Last day at the office

Today is my last day at the office, I'm taking a break of 8 weeks so I can stay at home and enjoy my children and let me tell you as excited as I am the feeling of panic invades me as well.  I've NEVER been with my children 24/7 for EIGHT WEEKS!!!!!!! This is scary for me in a way, I mean ... don't take me wrong I love my children, I really do but patience is not one of my most known qualities, so this is why I'm scared.  I keep telling myself that we'll be fine, I tend to get worked up about stuff before things happen, the anticipation kills me and then the events get here and I look back and I'm fine, so I'm really hoping and praying this will be one of those occasions again ... right??? (please say yes!).

I believe the fact that we don't have to get up early, get ready, head out the door at a certain time to go to work and school is going to be enjoyable.  We already have lined up some activities that I'm totally looking forward to like the visit of my sweet friend Heidi with her two boys (whom by the way were born on the exact same day but different years, the first birth I was right there with her, holding her hand and cheering for her as my oldest was still in my belly; the second birth I didn't witness but the day before he was born I was with her working on her first son's birthday party) so they are coming to stay with us for a few days and we'll make the best of it, our children love each other and well, as you can tell we are close so it's going to be a blast!!  Two members of my family from Chile are coming to see us too and I'm beyond thrilled to have them here, a week is not going to be enough time to share but I'll take it and I'm thankful for them, I love them dearly and my goodness it's a piece of my country, my family, my roots, my people coming here ... oh the joy!!!!!!!!!!!!  We'll be busy with VBS one week, which is going to be exciting for me to do it without having to rush to church after work, this time I'll have my day all for me (and our two children) and then I can calmly go to church (OK I know that's stretching it but you know I tend to be an optimistic or a high expectation person that's why I get frustrated so easily hahahaha).

There are still a couple of other plans that are in the planning period and we are not sure if they are going to materialized but we'll see.

I'm heading out to a staff meeting/end of the year celebration now and I'll be back here to share some moments, may be to pour my frustrations or my joys or both.