Friday, May 7, 2010

Mommy & Son Date

Since Nicolas had been so defiant lately I've been reading and talking to good friends - I'm blessed to have a close friend in Chile who is a Children Psychologist - everyone and everything pointed that Nicolas behavior is normal and he just wants his mommy for himself as he was so used to have me just for him for the first 3 and a half years of his life.  So I planned for us to have a "Mommy & Son Date" which took place yesterday afternoon.  We talked about this earlier in the week and I told him we could go anywhere he wanted to, he chose the Kids Museum down town so I left Emilia with her Nana and Poppie and got my boy, who was beyond excited to see me because he knew what was coming.  Just me and him again!
We had a wonderful time at the museum, there was nobody there, the place was for us and another little girl that was there with her daddy.  We played and played and played.  They have added a new baby section at the museum so we went and he was loving the babies, he took one out and asked me to get one and we put our babies in their strollers and we took them around the museum with us, everywhere we went they were with us (writing this makes me understand why my back was killing me last night, bending over go push that tiny stroller is what did it).  We took them to the dentist, we bake them apple pies, we showed him the post office and the waterfall :)  It was so much fun to be alone with him, not having to worry when sister is going to wake up to eat, how much longer we have before our moment is interrupted and all that, this was just a relaxing afternoon for both of us!  No worries, just playtime!!

No outing to Main St. is complete unless you go to our favorite bakery to get a cookie, which is more Icing than cookie, so there we went when we were done, he had a penguin (yes black icing - not so cute - ) and I had a cookie monster ha ha ha (total pig).  After that he asked me if we could pleeeeeeeaseeeeee go to the toy store, so of course we did, I told him we were not going there to buy anything but just to look around and play with toys.  He did see some rubber toys and we bought two lizards, at .50 each I thought Why Not! 

Our outing ended with a sweet visit to Nicolas' favorite teacher so far, he adores her.  She just had a baby girl so we stopped by her house and met the cute little one, Nicolas had a chance to snuggle and get loving from this sweet woman who loves him so much!!  She even let him draw a picture on this precious guest book she had for people to sign, he got a whole page for himself, can you see how much she loves him!

She said "Yes!! a picture of me and my babies"

What can I say, this was a very special day for Nicolas and I.  I'd love to do this more often and can't wait until I have this 'dates' with my Emilia.  So much fun!!



Monday, May 3, 2010

What a poopy day

Yesterday was just a bad day - from beginning to end - If you go to church on Sundays and you have little ones at home you know is a stressful day.  So far we've been managing pretty good but yesterday we started to run behind since it was Breakfast at church, that means activities start earlier than usual but our day started at the same time.  I didn't think we were going to make it and I didn't get anything to eat, this I realized on the way to church so that made me upset (shocker!), I was hungry, tired which reflects on total moodiness.    God called me woman of little faith as we walk in and there's plenty of food and room to sit, we made it on time! :)

Our Sunday School lesson was on marriage and how we go on seasons of good times and bad times, well when you have a little baby and a defiant preschooler, a mom who's staying at home and a dad who's handling new stressful stuff at work, let's just say our season is not very bubbly nor exciting right now.  When you openly talk about it is hard ...

We got home and I had a meltdown - yes just like my son does - only that this came from an adult woman UGH!  what about it, ha!  Needless to say an argument came along too, I'm telling you it was a bad day!
We did managed to take naps, all four of us, which was so good and thanks to my husband I was able to sleep longer.  (the men of the house went down just in time for the young girl of the house decided it was time to eat, so us girls didn't go down 'til later).

Our son has been in a hyper mood lately which quickly transform into a major meltdown for which I have zero tolerance (I need to work on this really hard!) and so the snow ball begins to grow and things get pretty bad!  Matt took him outside and then they walk to Nana and Poppies' house which gave Emilia and I some alone time, which was nice.  Thanks again honey!

Every time I walked into Nicolas' room I kept smelling something bad, I knew it couldn't be poop, he is potty train, couldn't find the source, went back again ... look around (should have looked harder) and found a dirty underwear in his hamper so I thought I had found it (lately he's been wanting to do everything by himself, including wiping himself after using the toilet) and didn't think twice about it anymore!  Night time came, I gave him a shower (he's a shower lover now) and was very excited - too excited - that he felt and hit his arm, major melt down again, I didn't loose it this time for I knew it was an accident and he was hurting (I'm not that horrible), we started over, normal shower, little girl wanted to eat so dad took over and got him ready.  It was time to drink milk and read a story so I went and straighten up his bed - like I do every night, I should do it in the morning but I don't - and to my surprise ...
I found a little "gift" on the bed

You guessed it ...

it was poop!

I'm telling you it was a bad day from beginning to end, I was glad when both kids were asleep and I folded clothes while laughing at Family Guy (yes it's a bad show but I laugh so hard when I get to watch it and boy I needed a good laugh last night)

Thank God not every day is like this.  Of course you know what I pray about yesterday "Lord I want your JOY to be enough for me" ... I have a LOOONG way to go my friends!

Gotta try again today!