Thursday, January 10, 2013

A New Year ...

A New Year ... A New Me same struggles :) Who am I kidding, what is this new year resolutions stuff? I do have to say I enjoy new beginnings, I remember how much I loved the first day of school (new pencils, new notebooks, new everything ... I must admit I still enjoy new pens and new notebooks or journals) but when it comes to this new year I don't want to feel the anxiety that means keeping up with the new resolutions, I just want to do the best that I can in what I do. 
What is it that I do, well let's see ....     
  • I work outside my home in a full-time job that I didn't asked for but I'm grateful to have and yet it's been a struggle to learn to like but now that I'm thinking about it I'm doing better at it ... or so I'd like to think.
  • I am a wife for nearly 10 years (WOW!!! TEN YEARS!!!! that's amazing to me)
  • I am a mother of a Kindergartner and a toddler who think she could be a pre-teen already
  • I am a get-up-at-5:20-bible-study-goer-once-a-week (because I need to feed myself with something more holy than facebook and chocolate)
  • I am a friend (I hope, right Amy?)
  • I am a Director of one of our small kids classes at church (whatever that means I do ...)
  • I am a Daughter of a mother who's sometimes So-Far-Away-It-Hurts!

There are so many things on my list of  "I'd like to change ..." that it becomes overwhelming to me, first of all the fact that I don't like lists :) I wish I did, I know it'll make my life easier and more organized (Lord knows I need organization skills), I'd like to be more OCD about cleaning so my house will always be clean, I'd like to required less hours of sleep so I could function better sleeping less and doing more, etc ... Truth is, I only have a few hours a day in which I can get things done, I'd love to blog more, read more, pray more, spend more time with my kids, dedicate time to my husband and on and on and on; so what is this full-time working mom to do?

what? you said you have an answer for me? please pour your heart to me,
I'm ready to read what you suggest :)

Talk to you soon (or I hope that is soon could be another month or so before I get on here again)