Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Last day at the office

Today is my last day at the office, I'm taking a break of 8 weeks so I can stay at home and enjoy my children and let me tell you as excited as I am the feeling of panic invades me as well.  I've NEVER been with my children 24/7 for EIGHT WEEKS!!!!!!! This is scary for me in a way, I mean ... don't take me wrong I love my children, I really do but patience is not one of my most known qualities, so this is why I'm scared.  I keep telling myself that we'll be fine, I tend to get worked up about stuff before things happen, the anticipation kills me and then the events get here and I look back and I'm fine, so I'm really hoping and praying this will be one of those occasions again ... right??? (please say yes!).

I believe the fact that we don't have to get up early, get ready, head out the door at a certain time to go to work and school is going to be enjoyable.  We already have lined up some activities that I'm totally looking forward to like the visit of my sweet friend Heidi with her two boys (whom by the way were born on the exact same day but different years, the first birth I was right there with her, holding her hand and cheering for her as my oldest was still in my belly; the second birth I didn't witness but the day before he was born I was with her working on her first son's birthday party) so they are coming to stay with us for a few days and we'll make the best of it, our children love each other and well, as you can tell we are close so it's going to be a blast!!  Two members of my family from Chile are coming to see us too and I'm beyond thrilled to have them here, a week is not going to be enough time to share but I'll take it and I'm thankful for them, I love them dearly and my goodness it's a piece of my country, my family, my roots, my people coming here ... oh the joy!!!!!!!!!!!!  We'll be busy with VBS one week, which is going to be exciting for me to do it without having to rush to church after work, this time I'll have my day all for me (and our two children) and then I can calmly go to church (OK I know that's stretching it but you know I tend to be an optimistic or a high expectation person that's why I get frustrated so easily hahahaha).

There are still a couple of other plans that are in the planning period and we are not sure if they are going to materialized but we'll see.

I'm heading out to a staff meeting/end of the year celebration now and I'll be back here to share some moments, may be to pour my frustrations or my joys or both.


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Amy said...

I am praying for you. I know you will end up loving your time with them and be upset about going back to work... just like before :) I think a good thing to do is keep some routine. I've experienced this with Wes. Keep good wake times. Keep good bed times. I think that makes a huge difference in the way their entire day goes. Love you!