Saturday, September 26, 2009

How nice it's been!!!!!!!!!

The time has come and Mom will be returning back home soon. Although it makes me sad because she has spoiled me to the point that is ridiculous I know she'll be back soon, when our daughter (Yes!! it's a girl!!) is born in Feb., Lord willing sometime after that she will be back to spoil us all. I truly believe that even our dog "Buddy" will miss her.

Today has been a wonderful day, actually the last week has been great, we went together to the ultrasound, Matt and my Mom were hugging each other so sweetly when we found out it was a girl, they swore it was a girl (along with everyone else in the county :D and they were right!), if someone would of taken a look at them from the outside it would of seemed like the child was born already, their excitement was so so so sweet that I'm glad we experienced that together!

Friday night Mom and I attended the women conference at our church, we were blessed to have a translator so Mom could understand the main speaker, she was so funny and so truthful, great evening. Mom also attended my class and for that I felt so excited and proud to have her there with me.

Today it has been raining all day again, Matt found out at the last minute that he had to work today so our original plan of going out for breakfast as a family was shaky for a moment but instead we decided to go on, grabbed a biscuit for Nicolas at Chick-Fil-A (thank God the Cow wasn't there since my son can't stand it) and then we head to our favorite restaurant to enjoy a yummy breakfast together, Nicolas was on his best behavior and Mom and I were in cloud 9 enjoying some delicious coffee and goodies. Rain kept pouring and I decided to go check a bouncy place that we've heard a lot about but had never taken the time to visit, it was a hit, the best $5.00 spent in my life, Nico bounced over and over and over again, I was hoping for a great nap but actually he hasn't, instead he has been calmly watching TV and playing with his toys, so it's ok if there's no nap.

As soon as we got home Mom decided to make a home made soup, which we are getting ready to enjoy right this minute!!

This afternoon we are going shopping to buy some last minute stuff for her to take home.

I just wanted to share how nice it's been, how much we've enjoyed her company, her love, her attentions, her cooking, her loving, her sweet self being with us, unselfishly ready to share her talents and love with us. Mom if you only knew how much we are going to miss you!! WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN TRULY EXPRESS.


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

1) I'm going to miss your mom too. She's such a nice, beautiful woman. Even though I can't have a conversation with her I know this :)

2) So glad it's a girl! She's going to have a mighty fine older brother to watch out for her :)

3) I'm excited to ride with you to Atlanta to take your mom to the airport, but sad that she's leaving. But, like you said... she will be back soon. Feb will be here before you know it! Aaaaaah! :)

MommyJ said...

Yay for a baby girl!!!

There is little else that rivals having your Mom around to take care of you. When I was sick last week, all I wanted was my Mom!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad she has been able to come here and spoil you all. What a blessing to be so close to your mother and to have her here to experience the wonderful moment with the ultrasound. I know you make her proud beyond words. :)

Enjoy these last days and before you know it she'll be back again.

love you! :)