Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My baby boy is 3 W O W

I know he's not a baby, far from it, but he is still my baby, although I'm carrying another one in the womb Nico is still my baby. :)

We celebrated his birthday at home this past Saturday, a simple party, filled with close friends, his teacher from his preschool came and that had him thrilled beyond explanation, he personally invited her one day (as he invited our whole town every time we saw someone we knew at the grocery store or at church or anywhere) and she sweetly came and made his day. Thank God for her being there because she was the only one to convince him to come to the table as all his friends were waiting to sing happy birthday, he kept his hands covering his ears since, according to him, "everyone is going to be too loud". I'm telling you what, this boy is going through some weird stages in life. He doesn't like anything loud unless is his own drums, fire trucks, guitar, police helmet (all of this are new toys) but if you are making a loud noise ... Oh My ... we can not take that!! :)

The kids play outside, got loaded up with sugar (cookies, cake, ice cream, M&Ms) we did have a few salty items (chips and cheetos) but everyone had a blast, he absolutely adore his birthday cake, he had to show everyone his cake, any time someone walked in the door, he wouldn't say hello or anything, his greeting was "come over here and see my cake, it's beautiful!!". I love to see my boy happy!!

I had to give my mom some not so great news after the party, I found out Friday but I didn't want to ruin the party for her, when I called to change her plane ticket to extend her visit for 3 more weeks, I found out that not only I needed to pay for the "penalty" but for the change in price which all together cost me as much as the original tickets, so of course I said "No, Thank You" when the lady asked me "Ma'am are you willing to pay that amount?" I'm totally ok with it, Mom is going to spend 2 months with us, she has spoiled us beyond comprehension and Lord willing she will be back after our baby is born to spoil us again, so I know this is God's way to say, you need to go back now, but I'm sad because I know she is, this was a change of plans and my sweet mother doesn't deal well with change, I truly believe as we get older we just don't deal well with that kind of stuff, so say a prayer for her to find comfort and reassurance that our God is doing this for a bigger reason, that she is needed down there more than up here with us.

Yesterday God gave me a perfect evening, I was achy all day but when we got home Nicolas was filled with happiness, he played outside, ran around following our dog, went around the house many times, then when he was ready, came back upstairs and watched some TV, then we all - by all I mean, my mom, my husband, Nico and I - colored together, had yummy supper together, sat down and talked, it was a perfect evening that we all needed after a crazy weekend. While we were coloring and talking, Matt told me something, which I commented with a "oh that makes me sad", quickly Nicolas looked at me and said "Mommy, you sad?" and before I could say a word he looked at his daddy and said "Daddy, don't tell mommy things that make her sad". He is so aware of my moods and how I feel, it's scary! So we explain to him that it's OK to feel sad, that sometimes we are going to feel that way and there's nothing wrong with that. Later on in the evening, all of the sudden, out of no where he got all teary eyed and said "Mommy I'm sad" I asked him why, he said "because my animals ... " (the phrase was never finished, he just happened to be looking at his animals when we were talking, so I guess that was the first thing that came to mind). I guess he was just applying what we had talked earlier in the day. =) Silly boy!

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carolina nana said...

I can sure relate to your mom's feelings about change and you are right, it seems as I get older it is so much harder to deal with any change in our plans.I have not found one thing I like about aging so far but we learn to deal with it as we go.Tell Matt to keep his eyes open for a nice young man to get Tracy's mind off this.The only thing I am having trouble with is I saw the change in him over a month ago,but he kept her on the string so she would drive to his house twice a day and let his dogs out while he was running around on weekends with his buddies (or supposed buddies anyway)!!I love you Claudia you are such a good friend to Amy.