Monday, October 5, 2009

What a nice weekend!!!!!

"Once upon a time ..." this is what you can hear at our house lately, specially this weekend, we've been enjoying making up stories, we all take turns (Matt, Nico and I), sometimes it's based on a true story and sometimes it's pure imagination.

Saturday morning we went out for breakfast, I truly believe this is our family's favorite meal, specially if we go to our favorite restaurant. While we waited for our food (we always get the same thing because we absolutely love it) we decided to pass time by sharing our stories. Nicolas felt in love with one that Matt told him the other day but he has adjusted some to his own little world and it's really funny.

The original story says
"Once upon a time there was a little boy name Matt who had a cat named Chloe, Chloe clime up on a tree and wouldn't come down, so the little boy went up the tree and save Chloe ... the end!"

Nico's version
"Once upon a time there was a boy named Matt, he had a cat name DOEY and the cat wouldn't come down, and then the monsters came (his voice gets loud at this point) and Doey was scare and then ... " the story goes on and on, including magicians, other creatures and who knows what else, eventually "Doey" gets rescued and the end comes, but his enthusiasm and different tones of voice is what I absolutely adore.
I love that he has a great imagination and that he likes to create stories, I'm sure I won't love it when he's making up stories about what happened in school or why his sister's face is cover in markers but we'll worry about that later in life. =)

Saturday was such a nice day, we spend it together from beginning to end. After breakfast we went to do a little shopping, I had the cart for myself while Nico and Matt went to look at toys, so it was relaxing and fun for all of us. We took a look at the Halloween aisle to try to figure out what our son wants to be this year, the final decision hasn't come yet, he seems to like "Thomas the train", then he said he wanted to be a "Zebra" but a good friend has a dinosaur costume I would really like to use so I don't have to buy anything :) (yes I'm cheapo like that). We'll see, while we were there Matt put on a very ugly mask to show Nicolas that people can wear mask and not be scary, we are trying to do this as he has developed this terrified fear over the cow at that chicken restaurant we all know and love! So Matt put it on, with a sweet voice talked to Nicolas and waved, Nicolas waved back and said "Ok Daddy, you can take it off now!" and then he proceed to ask for his daddy to wear another one. So we entertained ourselves for a little while. After that, we went to a Pet store to buy something for our dog and took time to look at the puppies, kitties and birds. The men of my house love cats, me? no thank you, if there was ever a toy size cat created, I could probably stand that one but that will be it. You know how they have those puddle-toy breed? I could use a tiny cat like that but not a big one, no thanks, not for my house! May be an outside cat???? ugh ... i don't even know.

After that I enjoyed a lovely nap, thanks to my sweet husband who took care of our son since he decided the tiny nap he took on the way home was good enough to help him rest and recharge his batteries. I'm afraid we are getting to a point where naps are starting to be shorter and eventually gone, I wish my child would take a nap 'til he's 10 ... hahahahahahahaha. They are my saving grace for my own nap, I'm not one of those moms who cleans or do things while the kids are asleep, nope I take my nap too, and those are pretty much sacred for me, oh my ... what a change that will be when we no longer have that time.

We finished up our day at a birthday party, a sweet boy turned 1 and this was a family fun afternoon, tons of young couples with their children got together to enjoy a gorgeous fall afternoon and evening, b'day boy's father did a marvelous job on the meet (it cooked for hours and hours), we moms enjoyed our talk together, guys play outside too, fun from beginning to end.

Mom has been gone for 4 days and yesterday Nicolas asked me "is Abuelita coming to our house today?" it was sad but yet fulfilling to know he misses her and that he has wonderful memories with her. We had another birthday party yesterday afternoon and on our way home he said "I want to go home and play with my Abuelita". I was ready to shed a tear but I didn't, took a deep breath and we called her, they talked, it was so sweet..

And this was our lovely weekend, one of those I hope to treasure in my mind for a very long time, if not I just need to read my blog and remember it again.


Together We Save said...

So glad you had such a nice day! You are a lucky woman to have a husband who will watch your little one. And you are right, naps are awesome.

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

i love their little imaginations! it amazes me everyday :)

InkMom said...


Don't you just love it when everyone is happy? Sounds like you three are.

And I just wanted you to know . . . I'm still here! I'm still reading! And I love your Nico stories.