Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Sweetness of My Boy!!

Allow me a moment to brag on my sweet boy, oh I much I love him!

I love his heart, he has such a big heart!!

Last night Matt brought home a gift someone from work had given us for our baby, when Nico saw his daddy walked into the door with a present he said:
"Daddy you got a present??"

Matt responded yes and Nico wanted to know who was the owner of this gift, Matt told him it was for his sister Emilia. His sweet heart was so excited he yelled for me and said "Mommy, come see, we got a present for my sister!!"

So there I went, left my meat on the stove - about burn it of course - and I asked Nicolas if he could help us open the present since sister was in my belly, so I got down on my knees and he quickly pull my blouse and talked to my belly:
"Emilia look, you got a present today!!"

Matt and I just looked at each other feeling so blessed, what a sweet boy is he!!. I know the baby is not here yet and once she is at home everyday, all the time, his sweetness won't show as much (I'm not that blind ... ha ha ha) but right now I admire his giving heart and I pray it doesn't change as he grows older.


I got my flu shot this week and I told him about it, since he got two shots in 5 days (one for his 3 year old check up and one for strep), I felt it was important to let him know everyone has to get shots every once in a while, when I picked him up from school the other day I told him. He looked at me and asked in a concern tone of voice:

"Mommy did the nurse come and give you a shot?"
Yes darling she did.

"Oh Mommy ... did it hurt???"
Well it did a little but not too bad.

"Mommy did you get a band aid??? Can I see it???
I'll show it to you when we get home.

That evening he spent time with his Nana and Poppie since I was going out to eat with friends and Dad was playing softball, so when I picked him up we talked about it again, this time he brought it up.

"Mommy, you got your shot today?"
Yes honey I did.

"Mommy, did it hurt??"
Well not so bad baby.

"Oh Mommy but it's OK, because shots are made to make you feel better!"

ahhhh ... so sweet!!!!!!!


As I brag on his sweetness and I remember the news this morning, how a Mother who has a son burned by 5 other boys - not teens ... boys!! - I remember her words "We have to do something with our children, the violence that goes on among our kids, not only here but around the world" WOW I don't want to imagine what my sweet boy will be expose to as he grows older, I pray we as parents do everything in our power - given to us by God - to show him the right ways, to teach him right, to forgive him when he makes mistakes yet to be strong when it comes to consequences! Oh the road ahead.

For now I'll keep eating him up every time he overflows my heart with his sweetness, treasuring all these little moments we have together, praying that his sweet essence will always stay there.


carolina nana said...

I think raising kids in church and having them involved with church activities makes a difference.Even as they stray that little seed has been planted in their hearts.I used to work at the middle school and what life some of those kids lived its no wonder they stay in trouble.Just love them,enjoy them and pray a lot!

JennyMac said...

What a sweet story! He talked to your tummy? TOO cute.

stephanie garcia said...

Claudia, It is so nice to "meet" you through your blog! I am a "chilegringa" as I was born in the States, moved to Chile at age 6, moved back to the States at age 18, then back to Chile again at age 31. I love to meet other chilenas, especially when we share a love for the Lord! God bless!