Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our first encounter ... oh the JOY!

Yesterday was our first ultrasound and actually first Doctor's appointment. I was nervous, not sure why but I was, I guess the excitement, the anticipation, the what if's in the back of my mind that I'd never allow to be more than a split second but then it ends right there ... know what I mean?

So Matt and I went, we didn't have to wait much (which is a miracle on itself because I've learned that any time you have a doctor's appointment your time is never the time you are seen), pee in the cup, get on that pretty yucky gown and the Doctor came, she was very nice, I really liked her, never had a female before. My old Doctor is not delivering babies anymore. We talked, she checked my breathing among other body parts ;o) and then the ultrasound machine came rolling in and there he/she was.

As soon as she went in, the baby was moving his/her tiny feet and hands, it was adorable, the joy was exactly the same, I wanted to cry of emotion, it was a sweet sweet moment, as sweet as it was when we saw Nicolas for the 1st time.

There was only one moment where our hearts stop for a second, that was when the Doctor said "Let me look around to see if we have more than one baby" I could feel Matt and I just stopped breathing ... and then she said "let's look carefully because at this point they like to hide when there's two" and then she said "well it looks like we only have one" ... whoaaaaaaa ... sight ... back with the living! :)

Oh the joy, to hear his/her heart beat, to see him/her move ... to know you are in there darling baby, moving happily inside of me.

The nausea is almost gone and of course heart burn has made it first appearances but I'll take that any time instead of nausea!

Exciting times ahead!


Amy said...

I love it Claudia! I think I see little man parts :) Haha. I can't wait to see you grow and meet this precious baby!!!

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely so excited!!!!! I can't imagine that feeling! I love the pic!

love you!!!

carolina nana said...

Oh my goodness how exciting to see that first picture,I am so happy for you and Matt.Can't wait to meet this little one.Nico will be such a good big brother.

Follow The Stepps said...

What a beautiful little site to see. Precious isn't it? Thank you so much for your sweet post on my blog. I actually did jinx myself... last night jackson was up twice. i got up with him once and let him cry it out for the next. and he bit me today. i don't know what to do with this kid???? everyone keeps telling me to just bit him back, but i honestly cannot see myself biting my baby. if i wasn't crying from pain when he bit me earlier i might have bitten back i was so mad, but i just started balling and crying and pitching a fit and that scared him and upset him pretty bad. with hast, i placed him in his crib and shut his door completely. he cried pretty stinkin' loud for about 25 minutes, but i wasn't about to go in there and comfort that little rascal. i hope that your nausea subsides for good and that your energy level resumes. i know my husband will sure be glad to relinquish some of the household duties back to me!!! well, lots of love you to you. we are so excited about your new little one and we pray each night for your health and for the baby's health.