Monday, July 27, 2009

I will never do it again.

This past weekend a mother lost her 18 year old son, her "baby" boy, this woman is my husband's second cousin, I think I've seen her once (in a visitation), we've never spoken, we just shook hands, gave smiles and move on to the next person in line, the visitation where we met was for her grandmother. Although I've never actually talk to her, my heart goes for her ... I can not imagine the pain, the shock, the pain, the anger, the pain, the confusion, the pain of loosing your son. He was only 18, he was going to College this fall. He had a girlfriend, friends, a normal life, you know? It was all taken in a second, the second he decided to text while driving!! That second was enough to make his car go off the road, when he realized he corrected too hard, the car rolled over, hit a tree, the tree felt on his neck and killed him, immediately!! (Beautiful thing is that he was a donor so hopefully his organs will help others live longer).

I text a lot, at work, at home, while cooking, while driving YES while driving!! After this horrible accident, I can promise you I won't do it anymore ... ever ... I don't care if it's an emergency, I don't care if it's the Pope ... I am not texting while driving anymore.

My heart goes to this mother and family, to his brother who's only 21. What a pain and loss.

I love my blackberry (how twisted is to love a 'thing' like a blackberry) but I will not text while I drive ... NEVER ... I promise from this moment on ... I will not!

Pray for this family and if you text (like I did) please don't do it while you drive!


MommyJ said...

So sad when something tragic has to remind us to be more careful! Prayers for his family and all those touched by this sadness.

I do text, but not while driving. I'm not a good enough texter to even fathom trying to do it behind the wheel. I'm glad you're committed to texting safer, especially with the babies in the car/womb!

carolina nana said...

Claudia I don't usually get there until about 9:30,I'll have your cake set back so you can come any time.See you tomorrow marilyn