Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wonderful times

I while back I said this summer was going to be filled with special guests at our home.

The first one has come and gone, it was my friend Andrea, whom I met at my first job in Santiago, Chile. We met at the hospital where we all had appointments to have drug test and physicals, you know to be an auditor for PricewaterhouseCoopers you have to proof you are not a drug addict and that your poor self is gonna be able to make those late night hours, sometimes even weekend on rush period, anyway ... we were at the hospital and we started talking and what do I know, she lived in the US for a year too, just like I did and she came to NC, just like I did!!! Anyways, who would of thought we would of been through so many great memories together and others not so fun too, you know, life as we know it. Years went by, we moved on, we left PwC, she got married, had her second child, I got married, moved here, we still kept in touch (just like I do with all my close friends I had while I worked there) and finally she decided to come and visit her host family in NC and she took the time to pay us a visit for a weekend.

When you live far away from old time friends, family, the land that saw you grow up, having an "old time friend" gives you something that can not be explained nor put into words, if you experienced something like this you know what I'm talking about. I drove to a bigger city which was halfway through between both of us and we enjoyed the ride as we remember good times, old stories, review new things going on with our lives and what not, the 3 hour drive felt like nothing. We talked and talked and talked until our tongues gave out, we rested, she needed her resting time, being a single mom of two, this was a well deserved time. We went out to eat, we talked, we went to Main St., we talked, we enjoyed cookies, we talked, we had a wonderful weekend together.

I am so thankful to have friends that will make the effort to come see me, is not easy ride, long, expensive, tiring. Thank you!!!!!!!!

My next guest is much more than a guest, we could call her a "Royal Guest" because is my mother, the woman I adore, the woman who taught me to be a mom, the woman who showed me how to be strong and endure what life throws at you, my mom, the wonderful woman God chose to be my mother (can you tell how much I love her??). She had delight us with her presence since this past weekend and she will be here for 3 months!!!!!!

Oh if you only knew what this means, the love you can feel in my house, the familiar smells I grew up with, she cooks like the angels (do angels cook???), she brought us home made, by her, black berry marmalade, hazelnut pure (a delicious dessert) and tons of other goodies my family sent us, t-shirts, long socks for the winter, cute hand made hats for Nicolas, magazines, all kinds of stuff that I enjoy :).

Best of all has been seing interact my son with his Abuelita, they play, they love each other, although Nicolas gets excited and quickly forgets that his Abuelita doesn't speak any English they communicate through their love and my voice constantly reminding Nicolas how to say certain things in Spanish for her.

My heat is rejoicing, overflowing with love and appreciation for this wonderful woman who grew up in the rural area of Chile, who's bigger trip was probably on a train or bus somewhere local, that same woman took her flight and did everything by herself (God sitting right next to her at all times, that's for sure). I had made arrangements for the airline to provide assistance so she would know how to get around one of the busiest airports on this country and guess what, either because the flight was 30 minutes early or because someone drop the ball somewhere that help never came, she quickly realized it wasn't happening so she decided to start asking for help around the airport, that's how a pilot (who didn't speak any Spanish) helped her get her bags from the belt and motion to someone at the airport to bring her a baggy and loaded her bags there for her, the lady sitting beside her at the plane, who was bilingual, helped her go through international police and then got her connected with another girl from the plane who was also bilingual and she went with her all the way to the terminal (I'm telling the story in a very short way, this was after she had asked everyone else for help and what not). The result was my mom was ready with her bags and everything before we were even there, thank goodness we spent the night at a hotel right by the airport so when my cell phone rings at 6:30 am I knew it had to be her, who else would call me at that time, we took off and got her, she was oh so excited, she made it through all by herself (and God beside her), this was exactly what I wanted for her to have a positive experience!! I know what you are thinking, that wasn't a very positive experience, her help never came but you know what? this gave her confidence, she did it, she found a way to get help (God put wonderful people on her way) and did it. This is her 3rd trip to see us but the previous two times she had somebody with her so this was her first trip solo!!

Mom hasn't been here but a few hours when this picture was taken and there she is wearing her apron already :) I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!!


carolina nana said...

Claudia, I enjoyed meeting your mother she seems so nice and she was running around helping just like she knew exactly what to do,I wish we could talk together I'm sure we would be great friends.What would be easier for you to teach her english or me spanish haha you'd have your work cut out for you either way I'm afraid,see you tonight!!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I LOVE that your friend AND your mother have come to visit this summer. Along with baby #2, this has been such an awesome summer for you and the best part is, IT'S NOT OVER YET!!! :)

I loved meeting your mom tonight, and like Marilyn - I wish I could talk to her more as well. The love you and her have for each other is sooooooo strong. It's so visible. I love that!

Claudia said...

Thank you ladies :)

My mom loves to meet the people I am in contact here, I'm sure is nice for her to see how my life is in this foreign land that is more and more like my own.

See you both tonight in our last night of VBS ... whooo whooo!!!

Anonymous said...

Love to see you with your mom! It makes me want to cry...tears of joy of course! I'm so glad she is able to come to visit! Enjoy every minute! We have to get together soon!!!

love ya!

carolina nana said...

Hey Claudia this is the only way I know how to respond to your comments so I hope you see this.My recipe is no secret go to Walmart and in the canning section there is "Mrs.Wages" salsa mix buy some go by the directions on the pack except add chopped bell peppers and onions.If your mom wants to make some while she is here I have extra tomatoes and would be glad to give you some just let me know.