Friday, August 14, 2009

Life couldn't get any better than this

A couple of weeks ago I called my doctor because I was experiencing pain on my bones "down there", know what I mean? With my first pregnancy I had no pain what so ever, except towards the end, probably because I was pretty close to the size of a whale, that being said, I'm only 12 weeks and this pain just wouldn't go away, I got a little worried and left a message to the nurse, who called me back and suggested the Doctor would see me the next day.

I saw the Doctor and she said:
"Oh Honey! Welcome to 2nd pregnancy"

(I'm sorry ... WHAT?! I'm only 12 weeks and I'm hurting like I was at the end of my first???? Wonder how is going to be towards the end)

I guess she could see the look on my face and she said with a smile on hers (not sure why she thought this was funny)

"You are going to feel like you are carrying this baby on your knees"

(hmmm exciting times, right?)

Other than that my nausea is almost gone, I say almost because every single time I feel it's gone, it pays me a visit AGAIN!

Since Mom has been here my house is such a joy to go to, everything is neat, clean, in order, table set and ready for us to eat, after supper we all take a walk to the mail box and sometimes further on the road, we enjoy the sunset together, we play outside, when I say we I mean all four of us, what a delightful time, Nicolas has been so happy, I know is because I'm overjoyed and relax, I mean how could I not, my house is working like a clock and I don't do much of anything, other than going to work and enjoy my family.

I know you may wonder if I had brought my mom to be my maid or something, but let me explain something to you, this is what my mom did for a living all her life, she had always said "I did this for everyone else now is time to do it for you, my love, and your family". The other day I was washing a pot from this wonderful soup she made me (Yes I know it's summer, I was dying to have soup) and she came to the kitchen and fussed at me for doing that, I told her I could at least wash the pot!!

This is my mother, she is loving, totally selfless, completely giving and the best way to show her love, other than her sweet hands hugging me and rubbing my hair is in the kitchen, she is the best cook in the world, she can make, bake, anything you want.

Someone asked me today, "how are things going?" I told them they couldn't be any better, they thought I was being ironic (guess I have a tendency to be that way ... he he he) but it is the honest truth, Life couldn't get any better than this.

Thank you GOD for this wonderful gift!!!!!!


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

This is the perfect time for her to be here. You need to relax and take it easy :)

Although, if you ever need a break, even a tiny one - you can send her to my house for a little while!

carolina nana said...

Claudia I just wondered if your mom was driving a car,I could have sworn I saw her driving in Walmart parking lot the other day and if that wasn't her she has a twin.....

Claudia said...

Oh I wish she would drive, that would give her a sense of independence and then she could - may be - move here for good :D but unfortunately she doesn't drive.