Monday, August 24, 2009

This is normal ... REALLY????

This second pregnancy has been an achy one. Not sure what everyone else has experienced but if we had not decided already that two children would do for Matt and I, I would of been seriously wondering if I ever want to be pregnant again. REALLY!

My bones are achy (yes those down there, inside my thighs ...). When I'm at work and I have to get up I look like a human who had just learned how to walk again, stiff, funny, waddley and I'm only 14 weeks, I am wearing some maternity clothes but I still have some regular clothes that fits me so I know is not the weight or the pressure ... what is this I wonder????

The Doctor told me this was normal. "NORMAL"????? Really????? Let's just say this is a very painful normal, my gift from above - my mother - has been making sure my house is working like a clock, she worries I'm not happy, I guess I can't hide the pain very well, can't I?

But seriously when I'm not achy, I'm nauseous, I'm not either one of those I'm crampy and yes GRUMPY too ... my poor family ... see? this is another good reason 2 children are just enough :)

Any suggestion on how to make my body less achy???


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Ugh, I feel for you! I haven't had 2 pregnancies so I can't tell you if they were different - but with my first I was very achy. My back hurt the entire first trimester and into the 2nd... and near the end. I had to use a lumbar support pillow at work. Maybe you could sit on something soft? Woudln't hurt to try.

carolina nana said...

I feel for you,I remember my second pregnancy was the worst for me as well,I was so sick the whole time I don't remember the other aches and pains except the pressure on my leg nerves,I could be just walking along and my legs would buckle out from under me, but I do remember the joy of the baby so just concentrate on that little angel inside of you and know it will be worth all you're going through and another thing if there is a #3,with me #3 was the most wonderful pregnancy I had.LOVE YOU.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had some advice but with no pregnancies under my belt, I'm useless in this department. All I can say is that I love ya and hoping and praying that perhaps some of the pain and other yucky stuff will go away soon!