Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do you ever ... ?

So do you ever argue about money??? yeah I didn't think so, we don't either NEVER EVER ... not even today, not over $8.00 ... nope that would be totally stupid and ridiculous. Who would run their bank account so thin that $8 would make such a difference right, is not like times are tough and you don't wanna get behind and sometimes it just has to stay that thin until your next paycheck comes ... nope ...we don't ever do that ... NEVER! I can just bet you don't leave without saying bye either, do you??? nope, didn't think so. My husband never does that and I never go behind him to point that he didn't tell me bye ... nope, what point would there be ... yeap, we surely don't!

Do you ever apologize in the middle of the argument because you realized you over reacted and he apologizes because he knows he shouldn't left without saying bye???

Yes we did that too! :)

Life as we know it my friends ... <3

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Anonymous said...

hahah! money is such an issue in marriage! It's so hard to share an account isn't it!

love you!