Monday, June 15, 2009

Interesting conversations and more

One of the things I love about our son (among many other things that I adore about him) is his way with words. We've had some pretty interesting conversations lately.
He loves to look at pictures of our trips to Chile. I love that he loves that because it keeps memories fresh in his little big mind.

The other day Matt and I were getting ready to go out to eat and I was explaining to Nicolas he was going to spend some time with "Nana" and "Poppie". He said "OK" and a few minutes after that he looked at me and said "But why can't I go to "Tita's House??" (that's my mom = Tita). This breaks my heart but it also flatters me to know that he would like to spend some time with the grandmother he's lucky to see once a year, the one that doesn't speak any English, the one he talks on the phone once a week, I love that!!!!

Saturday morning I was talking to him and I asked him if he would like to have a brother or a sister?. A while back I asked him this and he said "nope, my friend John Patrick has a brother so that's OK" ha ha ha so I decided to ask again and see if he had changed his mind. His answer was:
"Siiiiiister!!!!! Sister!!!!! where are you????? Com'on Mami we gotta go find her"
So I still think he's a little confused on what a Sister (Brother) is at this point ... he he he.

He is such a big boy! Not wearing diapers at night (we have finally mastered the potty training during the day and nap time), we switched to pull-ups and the first night he woke up totally dry, last night he got a little wet but nothing huge ... he was so excited when we told him no more diapers at night, I think they made him uncomfortable because he's been sleeping much better now! (fingers cross).

Couple of weeks ago we went to a party and there was a pool and he enjoyed it beyond measure.

I can not believe what a big little guy he has become.

My favorite time a day with him is still first thing in the morning when he comes, crazy hair, blanket on his shoulder and eyes half closed to wake me up and ask for his milk, followed by an immediate request of picking him up by lifting his arms up, we have that code ... we are not morning people and not much talking is being made first thing in the morning, so we lay together on the couch and snuggle as he drink his milk.

Yesterday afternoon we went to play outside, I got carried away puling weeds (is there anything more rewarding than pulling those suckers!!) and I found a worm so I showed it to him, he was soaking wet, been playing in the water and I didn't care, I remember being little and my mom used to get upset when I got wet or dirty and what was the fun on playing outside if you couldn't get wet or dirty, right??? In my mom's defense I must say we did not owned a washer so she had to wash clothes by hand, with a brush and soap, not fun!!! I probably wouldn't even let my kids see the outside if I didn't have a washing machine. :) Back to the worm, I showed him how it moved and how it rolled up and all that and he thought that was cool. Cute moment between mother and son. After that we all went inside, after changing his clothes we all sat on the couch and watch whatever he wanted to watch. Ate supper siting there, completely lazy and lay back ... it was an awesome evening!

I know this is all random but I needed to leave a note of all the things my boy has been doing and saying lately.

He can be an angel

He can also be a little terror.

We love you son!!!


Gary said...

This time, right before 3 years old, has been so much fun for us as well. I love the crazy things that Wes says :) He's been "wandering" about things more and more and I think it's so neat! They are learning so much!!!

I love the swimming video. We need to go soon!!!

Gary said...

Oh,t his is Amy. I just made Gary a gmail account and it used his name :)

Anonymous said...

I love seeing pictures of him. He is just growing up so fast. I'm learning that at this age they ask so many questions, wonder so many things, and use their creativity to either create messes or masterpieces! But there's not denying he is cute as a button!

love ya! Anna

Sarah Beth said...

Oh the joys I have to look forward to!! Nico is such a great kid and I hope Bennett is hlf the sweatheart Nico is! <3 you! :)