Friday, July 9, 2010

Welcome to my drama moment

Do you ever feel pulled in every direction? 

Do you ever realized that you feel that way 
because YOU put that upon yourself?

Do you love so much that it hurts?

Do you which you had more hours in the day 
to spend it with those you love?

Do you ever let the guilt take over your good spirits and every thought you have ends up in a guilt trip you put yourself through?

You do? it stinks doesn't it

The good news is that after this melodrama plays in your head and you've had a good cry in public and everyone at the restaurant is looking at you, men look at you with that "I feel sorry for your husband" look and women look at you with a "Gosh she could at least waited 'til she got in her car to do it" look you begin to see the light and you realized you are just tired and the queen of drama queens and is nothing that you haven't been through before and nothing that a good ice cream bar wouldn't fixed.

So after having my good cry in public and in the car and in the bathroom at work and at my desk ... yes I cried a lot ... after eating my ice cream bar, after crying to my coworker and confidant, after praying (why do we do this at last, although I did kinda pray while I was crying out loud in my car but it wasn't really a prayer it was more like a "God Why Does It Have To Be This Way!!" and God tells you, do you remember your friend who's husband been in the hospital for four weeks??? YES THAT'S A DRAMA to ask Why Me not your silly pity party) and after I got calmed enough to blog about it I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER.

Having that kind a day too, don't feel lonely ... we all have them!

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Anonymous said...

That was me yesterday for sure! I just had to vent it out to my coworker, cry a few tears, call my dad and vent, and then right back in it! Sounds like we need to schedule a lunch date! :) You amaze me everyday with how you are a fabulous mother, wife, and friend. I don't know how you work and do all that you do while also raising two beautiful children and continue to care so much about others. :) Hopefully tomorrow will be better, at least it's Saturday, right!?