Monday, October 25, 2010

When HE talks to me

I love when God uses my children to get my attention.  Here's just one example.

Last night I was having a little bit of a stressful moment when my SWEET 4 year old started singing "When I fall down, HE picks me up .. when I fall down, HE picks me up" as he did the motions falling dramatically on the floor and then cheerfully getting up, I smiled, my stupid stress was just like that ... stupid, why do we do that to our selves?  what does it matter that it was getting late and we were just then eating breakfast for supper and that my 8 month old baby did not want to be sleeping in her crib, instead she wanted to be crawling on the floor and drooling over the silliness of her big brother whom she adores.

So I did, I got her out of her crib, let her crawl some more, admire her brother, we finished eating our breakfast for supper and I asked Nicolas who was HE? - just to double check you know? - he gave me a funny look like "I know you know who HE is but I'll tell you anyway mom" - he answer me by simply saying GOD!

Yes, thank you GOD for speaking to me through my sweet boy.

This morning I was getting a little uptight again, the time ... yes we were late for school AGAIN (Gosh can I not be on time for once, it doesn't matter what time I get up I always end up leaving the house a little too late) but I remembered what Nicolas told me last night and I really didn't want to throw a fit in front of my kids (trust me, it wouldn't have been the first time) so I tried to stay calm, I said a little prayer and off we went, we started singing our kids songs in the car "I'm a skunk, I'm in your trunk and I'm stinking up your automobile" ... now if that doesn't make you smile then it's really a bad day, right? and little ways down the road he asked me "Mommy, are you all better now?" I smiled again and said Yes baby, I'm much better now, he smiled big and we kept on with our singing.  Oh my Nicolas, you are so so so special to me, I know GOD has made us all with a purpose and in His perfect image, I can't wait to see you shine for Him as you already are without even knowing it.

I love you son!

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carolina nana said...

What a sweet post and I truly believe God uses "earth angels" everyday to remind us of what is important in this life.
Hope you have a blessed day.