Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Where have I been?

Oh my, what did just happened?  The last time I posted on here was in 2011, where is time going? what am I doing with my life? Someone make it stop right now!!!!!!!!!!

  Well, let's see ... Nicolas will be going to Kindergarten this fall (Imagine me falling down a big cliff, that's how I feel every time I think about it, that will be food for another post, the explanation I mean).  Emilia is two, she used the potty successfully for the first time last night, I say successfully because she keeps asking to go and she sits and all but nothing happens :) but last night it happened, she did use it - and if you must know it was #2, sorry this is a big deal!! -

  I'm excited (and scared) about having the summer off, I haven't had one off since I was in college, so it's been 12 years of having a summer "off" but this time I have two little ones (I know they are not but in my heart of hearts they still are little) to entertain and care for so I'm excited for running around in our PJs all day - we are home buddies - eating ice cream outside, finger painting on the back porch, etc, I have great ideas in my head but I'm scared because I know there will be days that I wish I was at work talking to adults and having moments of stability instead of the insanity of emotions that it means loving your children one second and feeling like you are getting ready to pull your whole head of hair off :)  Anybody knows what I'm talking about?

  Matt and I recently celebrated 9 years of marriage.  If I must said this past year has been the hardest, worrying over money, challenges in life, life with two children and parents working full-time is stressful but at the same time we are so very blessed to be the family we are today and I praise my Lord for it, He is the one who gives me strength to face the hard days and enjoy the perfect ones!  Yes there are moments in our days that are perfect!! :)

  So giving the future events coming up and the fact we just bought a new laptop (our anniversary present) hopefully I'll be posting more often, I have tons of phrases that our kids have said that are so funny and I want to share those too, hopefully make a little book of those one day for them to have and share with their children one day!  What can I say, I'm a dreamer!!!

  Good day everyone! 'til the next time I feel somewhat inspired to share any thoughts, silly, crazy, funny, sad whatever-kind of thoughts I'm having!

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