Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2nd update of our summer - Sweet Times with Dear Friends

I feel like summer is running out through the back door and my mind is still feeling like I don't have to go back to work for another month and in fact I am only a few weeks away ... what did I do with our time?!  May be writing about our summer adventures will help me realized that we did in fact enjoy our time together! :)

Few weeks back our good friends from South Carolina came to see us for a few days!!  The guys have been friends for years, the girls became friends when Matt and I got married, Heidi and I just clicked and we've been friends ever since!  I was in the birth of their first son while my first son was still in my belly, we have special memories together that go 9 years back!  We made some more memories this summer.

We took the children to the local kids museum and they had a blast.

Ice cream buddies

Nicolas showing his Lego car

This customer wasn't very excited with her order :)

After two hours of play we all head it to our favorite local restaurant, it was pouring at the time so hassling with four kids, umbrellas and what not was a little crazy but we managed and during our lunch the storm went away, sun came out and we went back to Main St.

Did some little shopping, walking around by 3:30 our kids and myself included were wore out so we started to head home.  It was a fun filled day.  That night the guys went out and we girls took care of the kids while trying to squeeze some conversation and girl time.

Saturday we went to a birthday party, had a blast and that night Heidi and I went out.  This is a friend who stays at home with her children and hardly takes time for herself, so I invited her to a place that I thought would be awesome, it was awesome while we were there but as soon as we got home we realized that whatever we ate wasn't as awesome, thank goodness for two bathrooms because that's where me and her spent our night!  Before we went out to eat we spent some time trying on funny looking shoes just like we used to do before we had kids, I remember going to Greenville back in the day when we didn't have certain store around here and that's how we used to spend our Saturday mornings, we would go and try on shoes, browse around and eat lunch together.  For a moment it felt like we were 9 years younger and we didn't have kids. I treasure our time together, it was fun, it had its moment (sickness) but such is life.

On Sunday it was our church's VBS musical so I had to make myself get up and go to church, I wasn't going to miss my sweet boy presentation for which he had spent every Sunday afternoon practicing for it and boy am I glad I went.  The kids did an awesome job!!!!!!! 

When they first walked through the stage he looked terrified

Quickly he got into his role and had a blast 

 This move was my favorite, at this point people were cheering and laughing, it was sweet!

 Another sweet moment

"A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ... that's what My God is to me, He showed me how to ABC so I can live eternally"

What can I say, it was perfect!!  They were adorable and did a tremendous job!!

This week we are having our VBS so we've been busy getting ready for that each night.  I'm teaching Kindergarten class and the kids are attending their classes too.  I'll have to post about that another time.

'til then, I'm off to enjoy what's left of summer (this morning it was storming so bad it was perfect to stay in bed all sunggle up)


Amy said...

i think it's so neat that your friends come and visit. it's so hard to keep long distance friendships alive. i have a few from charlotte that i wish i kept in better touch with.

the kids did great at the musical. i'm so proud of them!!!

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