Tuesday, April 21, 2009

S t e l l a n

About a month ago my friend Kelly called me and asked me to pray for this little boy name Stellan. Every since that day I've been following his mom's blog and my heart hurts and rejoices at the same time. I hurt because I can't imagine going through something like that with my infant boy, my heart rejoices because I see the hand of God in every step of this long tough road this family is going through.

Today is a crucial day for him, for them, for us who had decided to follow them on this path. Today he's going through surgery, a hard-complicated-not-recomended-for-infants surgery. He is on surgery as I type this, he's been on surgery for hours, all we know is that there is a lot of fluid on his longs and tissue, don't know anything else at this point.

I was asked to wear orange today in honor of Stellan, to let the world know we are praying for him, so I did. I pray every time I reload his mom's website and I see no update, I'm also following her on Twitter (Yes I'm on Twitter too ... I know, too much isn't it!!) no update yet.

I pray every time I see his picture, peacefully asleep minutes before he was connected to a ventilator so they could work on him, I want to cry every time I see him so innocent ... so still ... but I know God is on this one and in all children that are suffering like him, like this family. I don't think I could ever go through something like this without Him.

If you are reading this today, please Pray ... Pray Hard ... Pray like you have never done before. It is that important, it has touch me that much.

My heart goes for this boy and his family!


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Before I started reading blogs, I never knew this much stuff went on with kids. All of these sicknesses and such. Well, I guess I knew it happened... I just never saw it.

I'm praying hard! Good luck to Stellan!

Anonymous said...

Her website is amazing and her strength is encouraging. I will keep them in my prayers today that everything will turn out the best that it can. I love the shirt!