Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tales from the Potty - Reloaded -

You may remember this post before, a very frustrated mother giving her all into this hard milestone, but today, today I shout victory!

The calendar you are seeing shows the progress of my baby pooping in the potty!!- Ok I know he's not a baby anymore -

And below you can see the author of this wonderful master piece - My baby!

The same one who announced to the whole fellowship hall last Sunday that he had poop in the potty that morning, while everyone was still eating breakfast. :)

The same one who told everyone at his cousin's birthday party that he had poop in the potty.

The same one that was put in time out twice yesterday at his preschool for hitting and pushing - ok we'll have to talk about that in another post - let's focus on the postive here!! :)

I love you son, I love your excitement about life and about your accomplishment.

I love how you get happy when other open their gifts - I love that you look forward to "talk about it" every night. (that's what we do every night before he goes to sleep, that's the last thing we do together. We talk about our day, it started when he was little, I used to tell him during his bath about the great day he had, what he had accomplished that day and all that, before he was just a little baby and probably just enjoyed hearing Mommy's voice, but now that he's older, we both actually talk about it, I ask him what was his favorite thing during this day and I go step by step naming what we did together that day).

Did I tell you how much I love you already? well it never hurts to say it one more time.

I love you my boy.


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I love the potty calendar with stickers! I need to make one ASAP :) I can't wait for the day that Wes has poop in the potty!!!

Claudia said...

I can't wait for Wes to do it too ...
we tried the sticker thing before and didn't worked - he wanted to take all the stickers out and it was just a big mess - when the time is right you'll know!

It's a wonderful feeling!

SarahBeth said...

What a lovely post! The love a mother can have for her son, well, it's truly amazing! Way to go Nico! :)

Follow The Stepps said...

Hey Girl! So glad I saw you today, even if it was just in our cars passing by. I am so proud of Nico... he's come a long way since that first precious day in the nursery that nurse Kelly changed his first poopy diaper. I'm not so sure I changed the first one, but I know I changed at least one of them while you guys were there. I love you guys! I'm so proud of you Mamma and Baby... who's acting so grown up poopin' in the potty.

Claudia said...

well actually his first poopy was before he delighted us with his presence ... I remember you telling me that he has had his first poop inside of me :)

It was good to see you too my friend!!

I <3 You and hopefully I'll see you next Saturday, are you going to Addison's first birhtday???