Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tales from the Potty

I've been trying to walk-jog on our treadmill at nights, I feel is the only time I have left to do it, after Nico is down for the day, I grab my iPod (love it each day more and more) and go downstairs.

I was getting ready for that the other night, put my warm sweat pants on, found my shoes in the living room and was getting ready to put them on when I felt something inside my right shoe.

"I wonder what is this" as I'm feeling it with my foot.

"Feels like a ball. Well, Nico and I played with play dough today so may be is from that"

Or May Be Not
... as I get my shoe off and I find a perfectly round BROWN BALL ...


That's right - IT IS POOP IN MY SHOE! OH shit POOP!!!!!

How did THIS got into my shoe?????

The more I think about it the more I believe it happen when he did it on his underwear (as he has been doing it every night since we started our potty training process) it must of felt in between his legs and it just felt inside my shoe - that was strategically place by the couch - or may be - just may be - he saw it, grab it and put it inside my show.

Either way, what are the chances ...

Needless to say I'm needing some help in the poop part of the potty training experience.

Any suggestions?


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! At least it was solid! I have no suggestions... besides: check your shes before you put them on :)I refuse to think about potty training at the moment!

InkMom said...

My husband checks his shoes for spiders . . . after living in Australia, he just can't be too careful. But this might bring his fear of the unknown to a whole new, paranoid level!

When we were in Florida, G-Dog stripped down by the pool and peed into one of the holes where the safety gate shafts fit . . . I acted like I was absolutely horrified, but secretly, I was really impressed with his aim. Now, how come he can't shoot that straight when he's aiming for the toilet?!?

thegirlsofgrace said...

Wow!!! you teach me so much claudia...lesson number 1 of potty training...put your shoes in a hidden place where nothing brown ends up in them! You are hilarious! I think the only non-mom advice i would have is PUT THE SHOES AWAY IN A TALL LOCATION!!!!

love you girl! Anna