Thursday, January 8, 2009


This morning was one of those crazy lovely mornings! We overslept and I had to take my son to daycare, normally Matt does it but since we were late and my job is much closer than him, it was just the obvious thing to do. When Matt is out of town I have to do this everyday but I haven't done it in a while and I forgot how it was to try to get ready with a 2 year old following you around.

I'm trying to hurry, yes trying! not succeeding at all.
Me - walking around, trying to find my rings and glasses.
Nico - "Mommy, I want to sit on the potty"
Me - (What??? you never want to use the potty when I ask you to, does it have to be right now) Sure Son!
Nico - not even a second on the potty "Ok I'm done Mommy"
Me - (... are you serious??) Ok let's get your diaper on!
we lay on the floor to put his new clean diaper on - the other one that I had put on 30 minutes ago was full already, no wonder you didn't pee son!! -
Nico - "Mommy, I want my fireman hat"
Me - "Son! if you want something just go get it, Mommy is trying to get ready and we are very late! Ok??"
Nico - "Ok, Mommy"
Nico - "Mommy, I want my fireman hat"
Me - (Did we not just have this talk already?)
minutes keep going faster and faster and we are still home.

I'm trying to put some kind of make up on, you know just enough to hide the big bags under my eyes.

Nico - "Mommy, I want my paint brush" (also known us the brush to put my eye shadow)
Me - leave me alone, would you?? Sure! Here you go!
Nico - "look Mommy, I'm painting a picture of my friends from school!!"
Me - Oh wonderful son, who's in your picture?
Nico - "uhm, miss Melinda, miss Whitney ... " as he drops the brush who knows where
Nico - "Oh Mommy I lost my brush"
Me - it's ok son
Nico - Noooo Mommyyyyy ... I LOST MY BRUSH!
Me - baby, it's ok ... we are getting ready to leave anyway, we'll get it later.
Nico - as he decides to lay on the floor and have a meltdown
Me - (Can I lay on the floor with you and we can have a melt down together?)
Me - Son, Come ON! GET UP ... WE GOTTA GO. WE ARE LATE!!

We finally make it towards the door ...

Nico - "Mommy, I want my men!" (also knows as two figurines, one is a cowboy .. the other one is a fireman)
Me - going through the kitchen, trying to get the healthy snacks for the day, and a cup of juice for Nicolas and a bag of gummies for when I pick him up from daycare today. Somehow I remember where "the men" were ... "here son! let's go"
Nico - "Ok Mommy ... yeay we are going to school ... hold my hand mommy!"


as we get in the car
Nico - "Mommy I want my jacket off" "Mommy I want my men" "Mommy ... "
Me - (if you say Mommy one more time I'm not sure what I'm gonna do) ok son, let's get your jacket off, here are your men!

We are finally on our way to school, AMEN!

We pass my in-laws house on our way.

Nico - "bye Nana!"
Me - silence
Nico - "Bye Nanaaa!"
Me - Silence
Me - "BYE NANA" (wait, did I just yelled??)

We get to school.

Nico - "MOMMY HOLD ME!!"
Me - (Oh no it's gonna be another meltdown again) Ok I hold you.
Nico - "run mommy!"
Me - (son if you only knew how heavy you are and how your mom is out of shape to be running with you in her arms on this hill) "Ok let's run!"
I'm barely picking up my feet and in the back of my mind I'm thinking "I probably look like a total dork!" .

We make it to his room, total meltdown follow ... finally he gets himself together and goes to his teacher that is holding him as he is not sure he wants to stay with her.
I say bye, I love you son, have a good day.

I walk out the door and is finally time for my meltdown, I get in my car and I cry! Get a tissue dry my tears so my poorly put on make up doesn't vanish and I drive to work.


and like my husband would say "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO HAVE ANOTHER CHILD???"


That's life for ya! I'm sure you've had plenty of these kinds of mornings, right?

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thegirlsofgrace said...

wow you need some coffee after that one! I hope the rest of the week went better!

love you girl! Anna