Tuesday, May 5, 2009

About Role Playing and hating my rolls!

Saturday morning Nico and I had a great time playing with Playdough - at our house Playdough is a treat - a reward. It worked really good that way when Nicolas was getting up from his bed many times during the night so we made a promise. If he stayed in his bed all night he could play with it in the morning. It worked. We still use it for that and for pooping in the potty and any other situation that comes to mind :)

So ... back to Saturday ... we sat on our kitchen floor and played. Boy did we play!! We had a party, we made cookies and our friends Mickey and Toodles came over to have cookies and juice. Unfortunately our friend Mickey got himself into the juice cup so quickly Nico put him in time out.

It's so interesting to see all the things your child will do with his role playing. Nicolas loves to put his friends in time out ... I'm not sure that's good or not ... but at least he knows there's discipline in this house and if you do something to get in trouble ... well there will be a consequence, right?

He loves to make cookies and pizza with his playdough. Of course we also make snakes, balls, phones and who knows what else!

After our morning fun ... Mommy took time to spend time with her friends too!

I had a girls night out. I went out to eat - spend way more money than I expected but it was fun and worth it. After that we went to the movies, to watch a girly one, we laughed, it was a good evening!!

Speaking of going out to eat, I have to say something about food. It's been bothering me for a while ... I've gain all my weight back since I decided to go on a Diet. Slowly but surely I manage to get all my precious 10 lbs. back ... I'm so disappointed and discourage, I think I'm gonna leave the program I am in because if I'm not willing to do my part, what's the point on spending $60 a month on buying protein bars and stuff like that. I love a good meal with friends, I love sweets, if they are around me I'm gonna eat them ... I have no desire to exercise, I've always hate it. I remember being in High School dreaming that one day my mom would let me present that fake note to my P.E. Teacher in which it would say something like "I'm sorry, my daughter had spring her ankle yet again so she can't run all those laps for ya!" Yes that's the kind of lazy a*s I am ... can you tell I'm upset with myself? Saturday after Nicolas and I played I took my shower and when I confronted myself with the mirror I was so mad, I took pictures of my fat rolls (those on my back - muffin top - my belly) and I'm suppose to print them and put them on my mirror, someone told me that could work. Help needed here "sistas" ... I don't wanna be a fat mom, I wanna be happy with myself ... and sure enough I'm not happy right now. Thank goodness I'm still a 10. If ever go back to 12 again ... Oh let's not even talk about it!

I can find all kinds of "excuses" for not exercising:
1) I don't have time
2) I don't wanna leave my child in the evening since I work from 8 to 5 just to go to the gym.
3) I live on top of a mountain I'm far away from everything and I'm not gonna walk on the road filled with nasty animals (snakes)
4) I'm not consistent with it ... If is not consistent is not helping me at all. Why bother ...
5) I didn't play sports growing up
6) I'm sitting all day long at the office, I don't walk anywhere because there are no sidewalks on this little town I live in. (Working in Chile in a big city I walked most of the time to and from work so I got my walking in everyday)
7) ok I ran out of options here ... don't have anymore!

Look in all honesty I know I need to drink my 2 liters of water a day and "move" 3 times a week and that's what's hard for me ... oh yeah and stop snacking at work!! :(

I'm just so upset because I did all that and as soon as I stop the exercise and the water ... I gain it all back!

UGH ... why can't I be like my cousin who can eat a whole cow and not gain 1 Oz.?? ... why can't I have the discipline of those friends I have that Diet Hard Core and exercise even harder??? Ok may be I should go and have some ice cream now ... just kidding ... I will drink more water though!


Amy said...

I want to start out by saying that you DO NOT look fat. I wouldn't lie. If I thought you did, i just wouldn't say anything at all:)

I totally know what you are saying here. i wish i was one of those people who was naturally thin and didn't have to work for it. I too, don't like to exercise. I can always find an excuse not to. I hate that.

We need to work together to be healthy. Not just for the way we look in the mirror. I CAN NOT gain weight. The risk of diabetes in my family is too high. I do not diabetes!

I think that if we work together, develop a plan and STICK TO IT, we can do this, together :)

Sarah Beth said...

I totally agree with Ms. Amy! I would never say, "Oh goodness...look how fat she is!" You look healthy! A size 10 is perfect if you ask me! (And also like Amy, I wouldn't say anything if I thought you were fat...)

I'm glad you are going to post of picture of yourself...It may help motivate you! :)

If you'd like, two days a week, all three of us could take the boys to the park or something and walk...they may help give you the extra exercise we all need!

It's hard to diet and to exercise, but again, you are beautiful! :)

So glad you had a good weekend with the girls and Nico! I can't wait until Bennett and I can "play" together...not that I'm rushing him to grow up!

Claudia said...

Well my friends - Amy & Sarah - I don't feel FAT but I do feel that if something doesn't change for good I'll be FAT within a short period of time.

It's hard to balance all, weight-health, house, relationships, motherhood ... I feel that there's always on leg of this table that goes short and makes the table (me) bounce a little ... well I feel this time is my weight. I'll take that any time instead of my relationship or motherhood but you know what I'm saying ...

Thank you for your kind words!

Love you both and it feels so great to have you two in my life and in my blog :D

Follow The Stepps said...

You are not fat my sweet friend. You are gorgeous! And by the way... whether you weigh 125lbs or 325lbs every woman has body issues. Remember not to be so hard on yourself. If all of those little anorexic hollywood tarlets would add a few pounds it would sure make the rest of us feel normal. The goal... be healthy... because you are a momma and you want to be around for a very long time enjoy playing with your sweet Nico and one day his sweet babies! Love you...

Claudia said...

Thank you Sweet Kelly!!
Yes ... I know I'm not FAT ... but I certainly feel like I have a lot of rolls (loose skin) around me that make me unhappy from time to time. I've been praying to either do something about it and stop complaining or just accept my body!
So far I've walked twice this week (that's my hard core exercise!!) and I've lost a couple of lbs. so I'm happier.

Thank you for your sweet words and encouragement!

Love you girl!

thegirlsofgrace said...

I just want to say that I am proud of you for letting your child play with play doh. Did you know it is one of the best toys to have a young child play with? When they use play doh they are strengthening their hand muscles, which will in turn help them write, use scissors and a lot of other fine motor skills!

Oh and my motivation to exercise is that my love of food is greater than my dislike of exercise!

Kelly B.

Claudia said...

Hi dear tocaya,(sorry if my English is bad). I think every woman is concerned about her weight, it doesn't matter if you are slim or fat or just normal. Since I don't know you personally I don't really know if you're fat as you say but my impression (from pics of you) is that you aren't, you're nice (and a really nice person). Well, there are no mysteries or miracles, without exercise and a health food is very difficult to be sbelt. Walking is great because you don't need special equipement. The most you do the most you like!I love chocolates, but I try to eat them in small quantities. Lot of vegetables with herbs and lemon juice are good too.

Un abrazo!