Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I'm finally taking time to post some pictures on here. My house is a wreck, I should be cleaning or sleeping but instead I'm drooling over this pictures, much more fun than sleeping or cleaning, right?


Holding on to Daddy minutes after being born.

First time Nicolas held his sister ... the first of bizillion times already.

Enjoying the arms of uncle David at the hospital on Day 2.

First outing, her trip to the doctor, Day 5

First smile on camera at day 6

In deep thought, day 9

After her first bath, day 12

Brotherly Love, Day 20


carolina nana said...

She is so precious Claudia,such a beauty with all that dark hair and beautiful complexion. You did good!!!!

InkMom said...

Wo-hoo! What a beauty!

Our two little girls should be friends, don't you think?

MommyJ said...

So beautiful! Congrats!!

Claudia said...

Carolina Nana: yes God did a marvelous job with our little one!! ;)

InkMom: Totally agree, that's a great idea ... Miscellany and Emilia could totally be friends. Should we get together soon? :)

Thanks MommyJ!

Anonymous said...

Ok my favorite is totally the last one with brother! His face is just precious and hers is two...this is a framer for sure!

love you!!!