Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Eating Crow

You know when you make a statement about a certain situation that you really don't understand how so and so can do this and that because you know things could be done different???? hahahaha yes we have all done it, right?

This is the story of me - a mother of two - who used to think that you did not spoiled your baby by rocking it to sleep each night because you could control that, it was your job as a mother to just let them cry if it was needed so you didn't have to rock them. My mom used to tell me about my cousin who has a girl and how she had to rock her to sleep each night because otherwise my niece would not go to sleep. My experience with Nicolas was not like that at all, all I had to do was to put him down in his crib and he did go to sleep on his own, yes he cried sometimes just a little but nothing major and it always worked ... WELL let me tell you with my daughter things are TOTALLY different, she would not - I REPEAT would not - go to sleep unless we rock her, unless she has her paci in her mouth, unless all the stars are lined up in perfect balance and the world moves a certain way (by Golly that's what it seems like some nights) so now I'm eating crow. Doesn't taste really good but I'm getting used to its flavor :)

In the mid time I'm going to continue the rocking, the holding, the singing and the moving around with her in my arms because if that's what it takes well that's what needs to be done so there's not much option.

All I can say is that "each child is different" is an understatement, my kids are already total opposites (beside the fact that they are boy and girl). Nicolas never needed to be rocked to sleep, she does. He took nothing to go to sleep, she takes the world to go to sleep. He used to wake up very often at night, she can sleep up to 4 hours (when I'm lucky even 5) without interruptions. He hated the pacifier, she ADORES her paci. He hated his bath when he was a tiny baby, she could be in the middle of a crying fit but you put her in the bath and she is the calmest baby ever. Ok so now I'm gonna stop this because my mom used to compare me with my cousin (since I didn't have siblings) and I hated that so I gotta stop this and not make it a habit, at least not a public one :)

In other news .. we did make it to church for the first time, all four of us. Since Emilia was born, only the men of the house were attending church. It wasn't as hard as I thought since I got up early and got everyone ready to go. (how do you do it with 4 or 5 kids??? whew ... can't imagine), we even made it to Sunday school and lunch out and a baby shower ... I learned that day that a 5 week old baby does not need to be involved in so many activities in one day because she did not sleep all day, not at all ... she did for a few minutes and then she woke up. By the time Sunday was over, she was totally wore out, uncomfortable and so were we, that's why yesterday we slept literally all day and she still slept good at night.
Don't worry princess we'll take it easy next Sunday, I promise!

So that's life for us ... how's yours going?

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