Wednesday, June 30, 2010

From The Mouth of My Boy!!

This past Sunday Nicolas and I went to church by ourselves and there was no one to keep Mission Friends so he went with me into "big church" and let me tell you it was a treat, aside from the fact that it was only me and him together, no husband, no baby, just US!! he was so sweet and funny.

Nicolas: "Mommy, where is Pastor Mike?"
Me: Well he's away on a Mission Trip
N: Is he gone bathtizing people?
M: (wow son I love how you are putting all this together) Uhm yes I'm hoping some get bathtize this week where he is!

As the service began, music started playing and he said:
"Mommy, I don't want you to sing"
My response? I'm sorry son, Mommy loves to sing so I'm going to sing but if you don't feel like singing you don't have to do it.  He just looked at me and said OK.

Later the young pastor that was preaching started his sermon, he said "Jesus did ..." and Nicolas open his big eyes and said "So what did JESUS DO NOW???" almost like HE got in trouble or something, the people sitting behind us were having a blast with my little commentary :) and I did too!!

We kissed and hugged, he sat on my lap, he colored, ate some goldfish, sat on my lap again.  In the midst of all this he whispered in my ear "Mommy we ARE chapelling" and smiled big.
After that I realized there was a couple who has twins that are about the age of my son and they weren't with them so I figured someone must of been taking care of the children so I asked Nicolas if he would like to go back there and of course he said yes, as we were leaving he turned around, stood right in the middle of the door and gave bye, that young pastor must of made quite an impression on my little boy!  I love how is mind is thinking, I love how he can't get quite and has to ask so many question (yes sometimes I get tired but I love his curiosity!).


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