Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh What A Night!

So everything was going smoothly, I went and volunteered yesterday at Nico's preschool to help with their little Valentine's Party, it was fun and I love being an active part on his little things :D Came back to work, went back to pick him up, went to the grocery store, no accidents (pee), no complaining, just one perfect evening (I should of know then).

We get home and I take my keys off the ignition - like I always do - and put them in the little compartment to the right of the steering wheel, I get out, go the back of the car to open it so Matt can come and get things out for me while I get Nico out of the car BUT TO MY SURPRISED IT WAS LOCKED!

Up until this point I'm still thinking is just the back of the car that's locked (naive I know!) so I go back to the front to get the keys to open the back when I realized that THAT DOOR IS LOCKED TOO and since I'm much of an optimistic I go and check the passenger door to see if may be, just may be, that one could be open as I'm hoping for God to touch my car and just by His endless power unlocked it ... needless to say He didn't do it on my timing :D


I ran up the stairs to see if we had another key or an opener (not sure why I asked this when I knew the answer for that but again I'm an optimistic so I thought may be somehow or another we could of gotten one and I just didn't know it), of course the answer is NO. Quickly I call my pastor to get a number from the guy we go to church with who does this kind of stuff, you know! (I don't know the name for that) So he can't find the phone book at his son's house, I was hoping that he would have on it on his cell phone but yet another NO answer, so as I'm talking to him on the phone I reach for my phone book and get the number, call the man, who just happened to be close to my house (I live on top of a mountain so I knew now God was answering my prayer) so he was here after a few minutes THAT FELT LIKE HOURS since our son is quicly loosing his patience, screaming from the top of his longs

My answer was in a very forced calm voice
"Nicolas, I need you to please calm down and listen"


Me - "Son, I know you are frustrated but this was an accident ... the keys are in the car and the doors are locked ... see???" as I show him that even though I'm opening the door is just not opening. I can't finish saying what I'm saying and I keep hearing the screaming.

I realized there's no way to make him understand so I keep praying, Matt keeps trying to show him that all he has to do is push the red button on his car seat and pull the locked on the car but of course our two year old is so frustrated he can't see straight.

More time goes by (probably 2 seconds) that feels like more hours and I stand up again to try to talk to him and I say:

"Nicolas? look, mommy and daddy are with you, we are in the house and everything is fine, there is nothing we can do right now but wait, ok?"

At this point he is not screaming but he is spitting - that's his thing when he is really mad and I always get on him for doing that - so he tells me:
"Look Mommy, I'm spitting"
I said "I know son ..." so I guess at that point he realized something was different since I didn't get on him for spitting, so he decided to kicked his shoes off, pull his socks and I was afraid he was going to pee in the car (or even worse #2) but he didn't then - he did it later on the couch - I'm telling you it was a great night :D

Finally David (the man from church) came and in a matter of seconds, got the door unlocked and Nicolas shouted "YEAY HE DID IT" So did we!

The night went on, we unloaded the groceries, I fixed the Angus stake burger I've been craving for weeks and right before we were getting ready to eat I asked Matt to make Nicolas pee so he wouldn't have an accident while we ate. So he did, he brought the little bucket from the potty, pull his pants down and told him he needed to pee. As I'm standing in the kitchen I start hearing this hard breathing that sounds Oh so familiar - it sounded like when Nicolas is working on a poop - WHAT? IS HE POOPING?? So I asked Matt ... are you sure he's not pooping???

Matt answers - "well I surely hope not because of the bucket is in front of him-OH-MY-GOD-HE-DID!!!!!!!!"

Another crisis moments, this one much easier to solve, leave everything in the kitchen, Matt takes Nicolas into the bathroom ... I grab the poop with a Kleenex and some minor cleaning is done (the poop was hard ... sorry to be so graphic but I don't want you to think we are that nasty) and after that WE CAN FINALLY SIT DOWN AND EAT OUR SUPPER.

Haaaaa ... what a night but just like the Imagination Movers say "Another Idea Emergency Solved"


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Oh my goodness! At least it wasn't summertime and hot in the car! So glad you got him out fast and that he didn't have an accident in the new car :) And about the pooping... sorry but this made me laugh out loud. Haha! And the person that unlocks the cars is called a locksmith. Now you owe me a Spanish word! :)

Claudia said...

That's right, that's what Matt and I kept saying, it wasn't hot, we were at a safe place too, everything was almost in perfect conditions.

locksmit in spanish is CERRAJERO. There's your new word for the day :)

I'm glad our family was able to make you LOL - I did laughed as I typed this too.

thegirlsofgrace said...

Wow what a day, i hope you had some kind of beverage with some punch to it after that!

love ya! Anna

thegirlsofgrace said...

I can totally see that happening... every minute of it! How funny...he was just using the potty like he was taught. I guess he didn't think about the other end! ha ha ha ha!

(note to self, make sure I have extra key hidden somewhere on the car)

thegirlsofgrace said...

that last comment was from Kelly B.