Sunday, February 22, 2009

What's gonna take!

How many more times do I have to clean poop????????? Don't take me wrong, I don't have a problem cleaning poop from a diaper but from the carpet?, from the couch?, from my shoes?, from the bath tub?, from my mom's back yard? This is not even counting all those times I've had to clean your underwear (I've even had to throw away one) - I'm not challenging you son, I know you are capable to poop anywhere else BUT IN THE POTTY!

What's more frustrating of all, is that I know you are capable of doing this, I've seen you do it, you've done it before, more than once, 4 or 5 times actually but never in our bathrooms - could you tell me what's wrong with our toilet sit??? It seems perfectly fine to me but oh what do I know, right?!

Let's see, we have the sit cover (with Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster on it looking at you with such friendly faces), we've threaten with spankings, we've offered a movie, we've ignored the accidents, we've tried the stickers reward system (didn't worked since you wanted all the stickers at once and got upset when I tried to explain to you that you could only get it when you use the potty), we've tried to talk to you about this but nothing so far.

When I walked in the bathroom and saw you trying to stand up from the bath when you saw all those brown floating things ... grrrrrrrrrr ... let's not even talk about it anymore ... what is it gonna take for you to do this boy!!

After tonight's episode we are trying the "No TV until you poop in the potty strategy". Hopefully this one will work because if this doesn't do it, I'm not sure what else to do ... REALLY! Considering the fact that it's so convenient for you to watch a show while I cook supper or when I need a break - I can't imagine you not pooping on the potty for a whole week and NO TV! (I know, what kind of mother am I, right? Trust me!, I'm not proud that my child likes TV so much but I have to admit it is convenient for the things named above) May be God is trying to teach me something ... patience may be?
Whatever it is I hope I get it soon (meaning I pray that you get it quickly and poop on the potty!!).

I'm tired of this shit challenging situation. I know!!!! I know this is nothing compare to what we - as parent - will have to deal with in the future, I have family and friends who have teenagers, I know that but right now ... this is my struggle and I had to get it out of my system or it was going to drive me insane.

In the mid time if you happen to have any suggestion on how to motivate this boy to use the potty for number 2 please let me know!

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MommyJ said...

I wish I had words of wisdom... all I can say is that one moment you will be ready to pull your hair right out of your head and quit all together, he will just get it and the problem will be solved...

potty training is my least favorite part of parenting... I mean really... who likes potty training? It will pass though, and he will figure it out. Don't stress... put him back in diapers when you are at home and act like you absolutely don't care where he poops. Then try again in a few weeks....

hope everything goes well... all I can promise is that it won't last forever!!