Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This and That

The day finally came!!!!!!, the day that I heard my son squirming on time to take him and sit him on the potty, so he could poop in our own bathroom at home, considering he had done it in three other houses but not ours ... well, it was about to kill me! But God gave us a full snow, which meant no school, which meant we were stuck inside, which meant I was close enough to hear him and not distracted (I was on Facebook at the time) it was a wonderful moment for both of us. A moment we spent together, seeing his face as he did it was priceless and then when he took his first look at it, his words were "Look Mommy!!! I made a SNAKE!!!" ... we shouted it in celebration, immediately we called Daddy to inform him of such an event and he was excited too! Soon after that I told Nicolas we were probably going to the store after his nap and his reaction was "yeay, so we can buy a movie!" I guess the boy remember the offer that I made a long time ago when I was begging him to use the potty at home! I guess his hard disk doesn't miss a dab of information.


The other night we were home and I was upset (go figure that one, ME? UPSET????) so I was frantically cleaning (that's what I do when I get to that point of aggravation) and Nicolas came to me, looked at my crappy lovely face and said "Mommy? Are you mean???" The inside of me wanted to yell and said YES CAN'T YOU TELL??? but I just tried to forcefully change my expression and pretend I was this wonderful mom and said "No honey, Mommy is just upset". Needless to say every time I've been mad after that, he asks me the same question. Dang it I'm Mean!! what can I say, obviously I can hide it very well.


Our boy is not a snow child and neither is our dog. We've tried this twice and it just hasn't worked, first of all the whole process of putting snow suit, snow boots, snow gloves, big coat and hat takes us forever, not because is hard but when you have an excited two year old who is bouncing from place to place, it takes forever to get all this done. Then, we go outside and after two seconds he's crying and ready to go back inside, following him is our dog. So few days ago, Matt and I walked through our driveway and back - finding places where the snow reach just bellow our knees, it was awesome. I've officially made my first snow angel! (Can you tell I grew up in a place where we never got snow?). We took pictures and have a fun little walk, God sent our neighbor by, who was driving his big tractor and offered to clear up our driveway, if that would of not happened I'm not sure we would of been able to get out of here any time soon.


Tonight I'm having a pity party ... anyone wants to come? Hurry up it's almost over.


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I just wrote a sort of pity party thing as well :) Don't tell anyone but I'm frustrated and I want a smoke. Shhhhh.

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

And hooray for the poop! I can't wait for that day. I'm tired of fighting Wes to get poop out of every crevice in his lower region.