Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crazy Dreams

Do you ever have them? It seems to me that I have those more frequently than I'd like because I feel like I didn't rest at all when I have them, or I should say when I remember what I dreamed about, I know we dream every night but we are not always capable of remembering them.

Anyway, last night I dream I was in a reality show, we were in a big house, the other contestants were all people that I knew in Chile, people I went to school with, my friend's brothers and sisters, cousins, you name it ... they were in it too.

The bad thing it was I was the one no one want it there, not because I was a threat for my great abilities (not sure what the main theme of the reality show was) but because I was the one who was always telling the truth and no one liked to hear it - that's my side of the story - I guess if you could ask the rest of them they would tell you they didn't like me because I was rude and whinny ... Soooo back to the important stuff ... I can remember dreams that I've had years ago, it's weird. They are in color, people talks in English and Spanish depending who they are or where we are in my dream.

Sometimes I dream things that are completely non-sense and unrealistic, like that one dream I had when the gremlins were taking over my house and sometimes I have dreams that are so real I feel disappointed when I wake up, like when I dream about being with my family in a fun get together, we are all laughing and having a good time.

Right after I had Nicolas I dreamed that I was pregnant again - that was more like a nightmare - and I had a little girl, i could see her, she had dark hair (like me), lots of hair (like me) she was wearing a pink sweet suit (I really don't like pink) and she was crawling already, in the house where I grew up ... may be it was me! ... mmmm ... well nope because Matt was chasing her in crawling form too! ha ha ha.

Nico wakes up sometimes in a panic screaming type of cry ... I guess the boy has dreams too, or nightmares, but he gets it honest, right? Matt has had some pretty interesting dreams himself. So I guess Nico gets a double dose if imaginative dreaming capacity.

Do you remember your dreams so vividly???


Nursery Rhymes said...

hey sweet friend,
i have the craziest dreams... and i dream in color too- which i hear not everyone does. usually when i'm PMSing is when i have the most vivid dreams, so maybe there is a connection with hormones. it was so great to see you last Friday... i miss you sweet friend.

InkMom said...

Oh, my goodness, yes. Crazy dreams aplenty in this house. You're not pregnant, are you? Because that's when I have the craziest, most vivid dreams. Definitely hormonal at the very least.

I am also a talker, so sometimes CPod responds to my incoherent ramblings just to get me to say more funny totally unfiltered stuff.

Claudia said...

Kelly: Thank you for visiting my blog (I'm so excited about you posting on yours).

InkMom: I'd like to think I'm just PMSing instead of pregnant, let's just say I shouldn't be :)