Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trying harder

Do you ever try to be difficult?

Apparently I don't even have to try, apparently it comes natural :(

I guess that's just part of being a woman? a mom? a wife? ... I know! that's no excuse. But I promise I try ... I pray ... I bite my lip ... I pray some more ... I try hard not to be that way and when I'm having one of those moments after a long time of things going great I feel like no one's cutting me any slack ... I mean anyone can have a bad night, right?

Yes I know this is sounding like Poor Me post ... may be it is ... another one of my pity parties ... remember, everyone is always invited :)

All I can say is I'll try harder, I'll pray harder - I can't bite my lip any harder or I'll hurt myself - can I blame it on the fact that I've never play sports??? - ... yeah I know ... nice try, right?

Isn't that why we always have tomorrow to make it better?

Hold on tomorrow ... here I come!

Anyone having those moments lately?


Ok so God said "you wanna try harder? ... I'll give you a visual so you can remember what life's all about" Matt had a wreck today, neither him nor the other driver involved were hurt but of course, this makes you think, all it takes is one second and your whole life can be thrown out the window ... yes I need to try harder!!


Anonymous said...

so glad matt is okay...and man, i know those kind of days...much peace.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Matt is ok...I had no clue. i've been a totally awful friend through all my sicknesses! But I'm so thankful he is ok. :)