Monday, March 9, 2009

Awesome Days

Somebody must of been praying for me because I had the best weekend! I guess that comes naturally after a big argument, after looking at yourself and admitting your mistakes and trying to work for things to get better.

Friday night was a night out with my friends, actually it was at one of my friend's house for a very special party (you girls know what I'm talking about! Great and much needed time!!).

Saturday my husband stay at home while Nico and I went out for breakfast and enjoyed the lovely weather at the park. Not only we enjoyed the swing and slide but the little pond where we threw rocks. Imagine my child wanting to take his clothes off so he could get in the water in swim. (not sure who did he learned the skinny dipping from ... certainly not from his Southamerican mother who let him walk naked at his Tita's back yard while we were down there not long ago) so I quickly had to explain that this yucky water wasn't good to swim in and also that even though it was a nice temperature it really wasn't THAT hot! This little pond has always been there but I've never paid much attention to it, not sure many people does because the park was packed and we were the only ones sitting by it, that's one of the reasons why I took him away from the playground, too many people, varieties of them, some "prissy" moms - you know, those with the perfect hair and attire, everything matches, even the outfit on their "Hollywood" style dogs. As jugdemental as that sounds, I want to explain that I was shocked to see such a prototype at our local part, you know, we live in WNC, this is where you see moms wearign sweat pants and their hair is pull back or may be "paw paw" on his overalls is swinging the kiddos, we don't see style at the park, really! It doesn't match our surroundings ... ha ha ha ... so needless to say I was a little surprised. I also saw a family (dad, mom, toddler girl and baby boy) who came to the swings, mom and dad were constantly getting at each other to see who was the closer to baby boy, "he likes to play with me better" "I have something I can give him you can't never do" back and forth - (mmmmm ... strange day at the playground I guess) - Soon after that, Dad decided to light up a cigarette on the playground (now we are talking about our regular surroundings ... ha ha ha) which even though I'm an ex-smoker I don't appreciate that. So as you can imagine the playground got more and more crowded and filled with "different" people so my son and I went away to the pond area - WAIT A MINUTE!!!! what an intolerant person I've become! - point to ponder about later - So I wasn't really surprise when Mom (the same one with the rest of the family there) was pulling out bags full of clothes out of her trunk, was she sorting them to take them to the local Goodwill??? Did they live in their car??? (I seriously doubt it, everyone was very clean), did she just did her laundry at the Laundromat and she was folding while kids were playing with dad??? I'll never know I guess but now Mom was wearing a different top than before, we went from a plain white t-shirt to a strapless black stretchy top ... mmmmm ... (I promise I paid attention to my child while we were there, all these information was registered on my brain with just one quick look).

Anyways ... it was a fun time for my son and I, certainly entertaining for both of us.

By the time we got home he was already asleep, Yeay for a good nap and YEAY for Daddy who had the house looking perfect! I took a nap too - yes even though i didn't clean I was tired and I wanted my sacred nap - I woke up to the laughter of my boy playing outside with his daddy. I went outside, play a little and then we came back inside, Dad grilled (YEAY DAD - YOU DID SO MUCH FOR US THIS WEEKEND!) while I clean the plastic pool that had spent all winter out, halfway folded in our back deck, our son didn't understand why we couldn't put water in it so he could play with the water, again IS NOT THAT HOT SON!! COME ON!! Of course I was bare footed and I got a splint on my little toe that hurt a lot, while we were trying to get the last piece out I kept repeating to myself, "Come on! you've had a child, you can stand this!" It came out finally and we were able to enjoy our supper as a family, my favorite time that is!!!

What an awesome day!!!!!!!

Sunday came with the time change, Matt and I were hurting more than Nico was with this change, may be because I stay up doing cross-stitch and Matt was watching TV until 1:30 am. We had a good Sunday too, typical, church, nap, play time, good restful evening!

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