Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pure Fun

I don't normally post twice on the same day but what I'm about to share deserves its own post, at least on my eyes, the eyes of a mother filled with love, gratitude and sweetness and I don't know what else ...

Tonight Nicolas was taking his bath, like we do religiously every night, I use that word because this child can not stand not to take his bath, may be is because we let him play in the water for a while before we actually wash him, may be is because he knows he will get one on one time with Daddy ... not sure but he loves it. While he plays in the water I try to use that time to either clean the kitchen or do what's needed at the house. Tonight I was cleaning his closet, getting out all those pants, sweaters, jackets, socks, underwear, shoes and much items that are too small for him now :( While I was doing that, my sweet boy called me so I went and asked him what he needed, he said "Mommy! You wanna get in the water with me??" I didn't think about it for 2 seconds and said "sure!" He smiled really big and said "Come on Mommy! Take your PJs off and get in the water" so I did ... I realize this may be weird for many of you, since I often see pictures of Moms wearing their bathing suits in the tub with their babies - which is much weirder to me :) since there's nothing sweeter and innocent than being skin to skin with your baby! But anyways ... I understand we are from different cultures and that's ok ... point is, Nicolas was so excited when I got in the water with him, you would of thought I was ... I don't know ... someone taken from one of his favorite book or something ... he quickly gave me few of his many toys. "You play with the froggie and I play with the crab" . It was such a special time, we played, I washed him, he wanted to wash my face, never faced by the fact that I was naked and my body looks completely different than his, no question asked, this was PURE FUN!! (pure as "nothing other than fun" and pure as "PURITY")

After we were both dried and ready, we watched what seems to be his favorite show these days "Wonder Pets". In tonight's episode they were rescuing a "baby kangaroo" so the sweet voices of the wonder pets kept asking "baby kangaroo??" this or that ... "mommy kangaroo" bla bla bla ... I guess my boy liked that because pretty soon he informed me he was baby kangaroo so I played along and every time we talked (which is like non-stop while we are together ... the boy is a talker, what can I say) he would end up his phrases with Mommy Kangaroo and I did the same thing with him, "Baby Kangaroo? are you ready for your milk?" He would answered "sure Mommy kangaroo" and as tiring as it sounds while I'm typing it, I promise you it was the sweetest pretend dialogue we've had. He hugged me and told me "I love you Momma Kangaroo" He jumped like a kangaroo for me. Kissed me. Hugged me. Snuggle with me and every time he did anything he would always use my new nickname. :) Not sure if he will remember our game tomorrow, but we'll see. May be by then we'll have to change it to a different animal.

This may mean nothing to you but it meant the world to me tonight.

Nighty night from a very happy and fulfilled Momma Kangaroo!


MommyJ said...

THAT is an adorable story. :)

I bet you're an awesome mamma kangaroo. :)

InkMom said...

I don't think you're strange at all for bathing with your little one. I LOVED reading this. Thanks for sharing!

thegirlsofgrace said...

What a sweet story Claudia.