Friday, March 13, 2009


Oh Milkshakes, my super duper weakness! I think most of my baby weight that took me two years to get serious about loosing was from milkshakes! I love ice cream too (obviously) but a creamy, thick, delicious milkshake is the most wonderful treat for me.

I've been dreaming about one for about two or three weeks, I've been seriously fighting that desire and I had succeeded ... UNTIL TODAY!

I had my appointment with my dietitian and she asked me how these two weeks had been (I weighted this morning before I left the house and I knew I was close to my NEVER-AGAIN-BE-THAT-WEIGHT weight, which is 150 lbs. - I feel if I'm that again it wouldn't take much for it to keep getting higher) so I was very much down, pooped, defeated, not happy with my self, so I told her all this and then I said "I've been fighting a milkshake for the last 2 or 3 weeks" She gave me this serious look and she said "then go and have one, enjoy it, don't feel guilty and put that behind you and start over". I could of just left the room right then and run to the next place to get me one but since I've waited so long I could wait a few more minutes, right? She said this thought was consuming my mind - and it really has been - and sometimes you just need to do it and get it over with, because the more you fight it the more extra calories you keep sneaking in so you can "make up" for your "deep desire of that oh so wonderful delicious incomparable tasteful milkshake".

So obviously I DID!!!!!

I left her office and since it was about lunch time I got me a Taco Salad from Wendy's and when the girl asked "and what to drink with that??" I was still debating if I should order a milkshake or a floater frosty, I took my chance with the 2nd one. I was tempted to order it with Coke Zero or Diet Coke but I felt they would laugh at me on the other side so I didn't. Got my precious floater frosty and my salad and before I could even get out of the line I took that first sip ... mmmmmmmmmmmm ... I felt so relief, that didn't last long when I realized that my cup was over floating (which in poetical ways sounds so great but literally is a horrible mess) LITERALLY ... I am making a mess in my (still new to me) car, thank God for the flooring that you can just wipe everything off, I had to stop right where I was (more or less like the middle of the parking lot) put my blinkers on and had to take care of this potentially massive mess. Of course my first thoughts were GUILT "Oh Claudia, how could you be so dumb! See what happens????" but immediately after that I though "Nope, I'm going to enjoy this, who cares this is a little sticky, this is why I have these wipes in my car, they'll take care of it and we'll go on with this oh so wonderful moment" :D

It was delicious, I was done with it before I got back to work.

Y U M M Y!

PS: I ate all my salad too, now I feel like my stomach is over floating ... ha ha ha


Hi, I'm Amy! said...


Did your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?

Anonymous said...

haha mmmmmmmmmm....everyone has something they just can't live without. Too bad they haven't invented some 100 calorie shake. We should invent that for all of us milkshake lovers out there!

:) love ya girl! Anna