Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Full Flesh Three Year Old

In Chile everyone talks about the "terrible 3s". Here everyone talks about "terrible 2s" and what happens is your child hits that age and you are braving yourself for what's coming when you realized is not so bad at all. Little you know that the age you should be braving yourself for is 3!!!

So 2s go by, you think you've got it made and then your full flesh 3 year old comes alive and you see them braking from their shell. Showing off them selves in public, unwilling to listen, always going opposite to what you suggest and the list can go on and on. One second they are adorable, the next you are ready to send them jump off the bank from the back of your house ... he he he he he do not take me literal, please!!

Is not always this bad, trust me, the boy is sweet. Just like on Thanksgiving day he asked his sister (in my belly) what was she thankful for (awwww ...) but he can also decide not to put his jacket on when I ask him to - as I'm getting ready to check out the only two things we had to get at Wal-Mart Sunday Night after church, I thought it would be a fun little trip, since we could both walk together in the store, no baggy, just us two and it went pretty well until the moment I told him, "please put your jacket on". That's all it took for him to start acting like he's convulsing and would not put his jacket on, I got on my knees and used my stern voice and that intense look, nope ... that didn't do it either, I told him he was going to get a spanking and he barely moved his arm to let me put his jacket, right after that was done he decided to walk away (thank God he didn't run) so I grabbed him quickly, sat him on the floor and at this point I am yelling "sit down and do not move", my face is red and I feel the whole store is looking at us (not many people was there, which I'm not sure if it was better or worse) and he starts crying like I had just stabbed him with the biggest sharpest knife there has ever been created. The cashier was a very nice woman, she looked at me and said "You are a good mom, he's just testing you and you are doing the right thing". I thank God on my way home for putting that woman in front of me, I needed that little reassurance.

My son has decided to wet the bed again at nap time during weekends only, he won't do it while he's in preschool, thank goodness, but he does it at home. We are transitioning to a big boy cup from the "oh so convenient" zippy cup to see if that way he would drink less fluids. Of course this just started a couple of weeks ago, before then sleeping without a pull-up at nap time was a mastered situation or so I thought. I was expecting this after Emilia was born, after we change him into his new room or after he moves up to his new class or something like a big change of that nature but not now ... not when the only thing changing is the size of my belly (and my level of energy) oh well, it is what it is and we'll have to make sure we find a solution for it. We pull out the calendar with stickers again to see if they would do the trick once again.

Thanksgiving day Nicolas was so excited to see all his cousins, sit with them on that side of the table, play with them and run around until he decided he has had enough festivities and he grabbed my hand and said "come on mommy, let's go lay down and watch tv" so being the obedient mother that I am (who was dying to lay down as well) there we went, left our guests watching football and socializing and lay down with my boy. We watched The Brady Bunch for the first time which he loved, we also watched "Full House". He is now obsessed with this show, we have watched the same episode everyday since last Thursday, he laughs at the little jokes and loves "little Michelle", isn't it too early for a little tv star crush?

He puts his tennis shoes by himself (when he wants to do it), he now knows how to put his jacket on (when he wants to do it), he knows that I can't leave him in the car by himself when we go somewhere because somebody may get him and if that happens we may "never ever" see each other again (do you terrified your children like this too?), he is growing so quickly and yet showing his full flesh three year old self quite regularly now.

Oh the times ahead, you know a newborn and a stubborn three year old, Lord give us the energy, the patience and the wisdom we will need on the few weeks ahead, yes only 12 more weeks!!!


carolina nana said...

Sounds like you all had a good Thanksgiving. The trying 3's,what fun,
When Wes decides to pitch a fit when we are out,I ask him if he wants all these people to see him get a spanking,he'll usually look around and decide no and do what I want.I'm pretty sure he knows I would do it so he hasn't tested me yet,but I'm sure it will come!Fun,Fun,Fun you will have your hands full but God would never give us more than we can handle.

MommyJ said...

Just want to say how adorable your family is!! So cute. And I'm envious of the eight weeks you are ahead of me in pregnancy. ;)

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

They are becoming such little people. Always curious, which leads to mischief :) So far, the 2's were worse for Wes... but we are barely into the 3's, so I can't say too much! I like being able to talk to him and reason with him about things. I feel like I explain and he sort of listens. I can't believe Emilia is only 12 weeks away!!! I CAN'T WAIT!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

PS, I LOVE your pictures ;)

Claudia said...

Thank you ladies :0)

Amy: I know ... I love my pictures and my photographer too <3