Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fun Times

This Sunday when I go to church I will carry a sign that says:

"yes I know my belly is big,

I'm 31 weeks,

my due date is Feb. 15th,

yes we know it's a girl,

yes we have a name, it's Emilia"

while the other person says "Amelia, what a pretty name"

so I have to clarify is Emilia with an E like Emily but in Spanish ...

I think I've had this talk with older ladies every Sunday for the past two months ... and I know I will have it again for the next 8 weeks.

Fun times! :0)

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Follow The Stepps said...

How about the little twit that says to me at my sister-in-law's baby shower... (and FYI she is tiny to begin with and this is her first baby)... when is your baby due? I say "Oh, at the beginning of February." Twit says, "Oh, my gosh, you must be having a humongous baby then." Internal microphone says, "yes, and when you're pregnant with your second child in less than two years and your ass is as big as the broad side of a barn and some twit says the same thing to you... please remember how it made you feel and email with your sob story! Thank you and enjoy the rest of the baby shower!" Good thing I can sometimes put that internal mic on mute!