Monday, January 4, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Well we've had a few house projects going on in preparation of our little girl coming in 6 weeks, yes that's right ONLY 6 MORE WEEKS and Lord willing this cutie pie will be here with us.

Nicolas' old room will be her room, our guest bedroom is now Nicolas' room, my old dresser is now Nicolas' dresser and we had to buy a closet for my bedroom since all my clothes were in the guest bedroom closet and in my dresser ... did any of this make sense?? :0)

Now you understand where we've been, working on the house of course.

So here I present you "king Nicolas" new room, new bed,
new paint ... everything else was in his old room :0)

This baby is my new closet, Matt and I started working together on this process and thank goodness his brother came over to finish it, it was totally out of my league by the time they had to lift it up and move and redo and what not. This picture shows the unfinished product, now it has doors and a lot more clothes in it. Thank you honey, what an awesome birthday present!!

I've also been visiting with friends, this past weekend had the awesome chance to see a wonderful group of friends whom I used to see every week for a long time, we used to do bible study together. Lot has happened since then, there are 8 of us pregnant (yeah you know what we've been doing he he he he), some had moved to other states and life goes on but this past Sat. we had a wonderful time together, celebrating one of this girls and the coming of her new baby boy. It was fun, delicious food, lots of talking and laughter and those 2 1/2 hours went by in the blink of an eye, each time we get together (which is not nearly as often as we would like) I realized how much I miss them, how happy I feel when I'm around them and what a blessing is to still have them in my life even though we don't see each other once a week.

Another wonderful friend of mine gave me a couple of tickets to a historical house, very famous, in our area so yesterday my mother-in-law and I skip church (way to start the new year, right?) and went to see it before they took all the Christmas decorations down, these tickets were intended for Matt and I to use but let's be honest, what man wants to go tour a house that is over 100 years old and has vintage decor and details that only a woman can appreciate so I did us all a favor and invited my mother-in-law and we had a wonderful time. Adult time, girl time, fun time, heart to heart time ... it was great.

Where are we going to be from now on? Our next project is Emilia's room, no painting involved since I use a very plain color thinking about this when preparing that room for Nicolas. We do not like to paint so I wanted something that could work both ways - boy or girl - and I'm glad I did because the new bedding stuff we have for her (thanks to a dear friend as well) matches perfectly with the wall color.
If you are wondering if her room is going to be ALL PINK I can assure you to forget that because like I've said here in plenty of occasions I DO NOT LIKE PINK :0) Don't worry I will post pictures when is all done and yes I can take a little pink

No resolutions for 2010 here, just to enjoy every day and do our best like we always attempt to, we may fall many times but we get up and keep going again, right?

May this year be a wonderful one to all of you. I know the famous TWENTYTEN will be a year that will always stuck in our minds, just like 2003 the year we got married and 2006 the year we became parents.

2010 here we come, we are ready for you or so we like to think, at least we have the good disposition, right?

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carolina nana said...

Hey Claudia you should have gave Nicolas a bigger bed so when grand-ma comes she could sleep with him,ha ha.She'd love that I bet. I can't believe it is only 6 more weeks!!