Saturday, December 27, 2008

Looking back at Christmas

So it's finally over, the madness, the rush, the traveling for some (not for me), the anticipation and the stress of the "most wonderful time of the year". If I look back there are certain moments that will stuck in my mind, hopefully forever. The most precious one was at church, on Christmas Eve our tradition is to go to the candle light service, that night there is no nursery - this is the only time of the year that all children are in the service - so I went prepare with snacks, toys, and all kinds of "entertainers" in my bag. (Nicolas was so cute, wearing his dress up outfit and Santa hat). There is this song that it's presented every year on this service, "Mary did you know?" not sure if you've ever heard it but I love that song, and it always makes me tear up (I know, what a mush). So there goes our Pastor with the first like "Mary did you know? that your baby boy will one day walk on water?" and there are my tears, there I am in church, sitting between my men and wondering what would my son do with his life, that always makes me tear up even more, imagining the things he will accomplished in his future, but the most wonderful moment was when Nicolas was leaning on my arms and I was holding Matt's hand and we were singing a caroling and my mind was thinking, what else could I ask for? Yeah, it's true that I would of like to have more family from Chile with me but in all reality this is the best moment, I'm relaxed, I'm happy, I'm fulfilled, I'm with my husband and my son at church celebrating the birth of Jesus, there's no place a rather be right at this second! I know this sounds cheesy and may be silly but words make no judgment to the overall good feeling!!!!!!!!

My second favorite time was when Nicolas was in the midst of opening his presents and as I was getting a toy out of the box, he looked around, lifted his arms right up in the air and said "Merry Christmas Everyone!" and we all said "Awwwwwwwww" it was just darling!

My third favorite time this Christmas was not on Christmas Eve, nor Christmas Day but the day after that. Matt & I finally got ourselves together to go look for a car, neither one of us was excited about going through the hassle and "crap" that all car salesman puts you through, so we decided to just go and look around, see what's out there and make up our minds (really just my mind, the car was for me and I was the one who needed to decide what I wanted). I've always loved the Honda Element and Honda CR-V but I thought there was no way I could afford either one of them to stay in our budget (I didn't want to have big car payments either) so anyway, we went to one place, not many models on the used lot that got my attention, just a couple but nothing fascinating (I'm this way when I shop, unless something really gets my attention and I really love it I don't feel I should buy it) so Matt suggested we went to this other place right down the street so we did and there it was, The Honda Element, 2007, one previous owner and when we asked the price, I thought "don't get excited it's probably going to be too expensive" and when he says the price, I wanted to jump high in the sky and scream of excitement. I test drove it, I wanted to run back to the car dealership and said here, take this money and let me take it home and let's be done with it". I loved it and well, we did it. We bought it and I am officially in debt now but what a great cause, right?


InkMom said...

I love this post . . . thank you for sharing.

And your second-language English is better than that of many I know who've been speaking/writing it their entire lives. Well done!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I love the song "Mary Did You Know"! Since our wedding was Dec 10th, sort of near Christmas, we chose to have that song play as our mothers were seated. I can't believe Christmas is over and it's almost 2009!

Love the car!!!

thegirlsofgrace said...

I also love the Mary did you know song and it also always makes me cry. For the first time this year we didn't have a child sing the last verse of Silent Night. We always have that and I start crying the minute the lights go out and the candles start being lit and I missed that so much this year. But also like you, I fought crying the entire time I was at church. Looking back over the past year, the trials and struggles but also the blessings was just too much for me so I gave in like a crying fool through the whole service!

:) anna