Friday, April 9, 2010

7 years!!

Seven years ago I took the biggest step of my life, I left everything and everyone for the man that I loved and still love and will forever love!

Matt and I got married 3 times - yes 3 times - twice in Chile and once here seven years ago! We had a civil ceremony on April 3th, we had our church wedding and reception on April 5th (this is the one we use as our official anniversary) and we also got married here in early May (can you tell by then I wasn't keeping track of the date?).

I remember the certainty I felt when I marry this man, how sure I was (and I am still today) that we were meant to be together and I always tell Matt, if I had not come as an exchange student or if he had gone to college or if anything would had been different we would still be together somehow because God made us both for one another!

Matt was the 3rd child, the unplanned one so was I, I wasn't the 3rd, I'm the only child of a single mom so of course I wasn't planned either but God knew :D

Seven years ...

I still can't believe it's been that long ... that fast ... how in seven years we went from a couple to a family of four.

I thought I should post those special memories I have from this seven years, before I have Alzheimer and forget it all (Matt always says when I'm an old woman I may even forget how to speak English hahahahaha) so here we go:

Our Wedding Day! ~ It was a warm sunny day, early Fall in Chile. Sky totally blue, not one cloud just the ones I was walking on :) cheesy I know but that's how I felt :)

The first day at our house ~ we flew up here a few days after our wedding, our house looked so cute, nice, new, I couldn't believe I was married and we had a house. Our walls have never been painted (except our kids' rooms) so they still look the same they did when I first walked into this house, ok well ... they have some marks now ... I KNOW we need to paint them, one day we will :)

I'll never forget it snowed in April that year, probably by the 2nd or 3rd day I've been here we got a considerable amount of snow, I felt totally betrayed as my husband promised me I was going to be in gorgeous spring weather ha ha ha

Our many trips ~ We went to the beach, San Francisco, Playa del Carmen, Chile. It was so nice to travel by ourselves, hopefully we'll do it again in a few years when our kids are old enough that we can comfortably leave them with someone else (Ok may be not comfortably because I'm that kind of mom but you know what I mean).

The adjustments of those first years ~ I remember trying to figured out how to do this together, Matt and I didn't date for a long time before we got married, we knew we love each other and that was all we needed to take this step but your everyday stuff, daily routines and habits, that was hard!! I remember asking Matt to put together a desk we got as a present, I must of asked him a couple of times in the same week and he came home one day so mad and said "Don't ever asked me twice to do something" so I didn't :) Proof of that is a picture we got as a wedding gift that sat on the floor by the wall for months before it got hang, he thought I didn't like it that's why he never hang it he said :). I remember cleaning on Saturdays until one beautiful sunny day I said "I'm done wasting my Sat. on cleaning, let's go somewhere, let's do something" ha ha ha.
I remember having breakfast together in the mornings when neither one of us really talked, we just sat at the table and ate our breakfast in silence, needless to say we are not morning people.
Looking back I have so many memories like this, figuring out how we wanted to live our lives as a couple. Thank goodness those years have passed because they were not easy but they were necessary I know that.

Our Dates ~ We used to go to the movies every weekend that first year we were married, it was our dating time since we didn't date much before. It was so much fun, going out to eat and to the movies (boy we must have spend a lot of money doing that but I'm glad we did because now with two kids budget has changed he he he).

I also remember the day Matt came home and said "I think it's time for us to have children". 4 months later we were expecting :) Of course I remember the day we had Nicolas and even tho it turned out to be one of those scary stories you don't want to share with first time moms all I can taste now is the sweetness of that day, holding him for the first time, feeling the warmth of his little body, hearing his first cry. Now with our second one I had to do some convincing but it did happened too and here we are.

Our last picture before we had Nicolas and all 3 of us on our 1st family vacation

Our last picture before we had Emilia

Emilia and her daddy

What I love the most about Matt is his sense of humor, how we can laugh with our irony. I love how he puts up with my emotional drama - which has been VERY present lately for the obvious reasons - how he understands me and brings me back to my center.

Thank you honey!!!!


This year we both forgot it was our anniversary, days with a little baby run all together and you don't keep up with the date so as soon as I heard this woman on the news "Good Morning, on this April 5th ..." about fell off the bed and quickly called Matt to ask him what date was today and then he remembered too ... we both laughed!

These two pictures are from my top favorite ones of the men that I Adore!!

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