Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life with two

I remember when I was expecting Emilia how worried I was about Nicolas, how his life was going to change, how was I going to be able to share my time and love to my two kids (I still feel kinda old when I say "the kids" I don't know why but I do), little I knew that shouldn't been my worry.  Noooo ... my worry should have been how are you going to have a mind to remember everything you need to do and take with you anytime you go somewhere with your two kids!!  Phew ...

Let's rewind a little, Nicolas is 3 1/2 so he's old enough that if he wants to take a toy or anything he just goes and grabs it, I can tell him "get your jacket son" and he goes and does it (when he's willing to do so) but with a baby, I remember the first day we went out (Her 1st Doctor's appointment) I was getting out the door without a diaper bag, I totally forgot I needed one of those again :).  Don't worry I've come a long way since that 1st day, I do keep a diaper bag (actually is just a big purse now, I don't use a diaper bag anymore) in the car (I won't tell you that sometimes I forget to "reload" the diapers or wipes) in the car at all times, I have another one to take to my mother-in-law when she keeps Emilia every once in a while if I have an appointment or anything like that.

Now going out to the grocery store - all FOUR of us - is a different story.  We've only done it once and I don't see it happening any time soon, I really like to do things my way and in my time (you know you are the same way).  That time we had to take two buggies because E's car seat was so big at the time - we had switched to Nicolas' old car seat now - that I couldn't put her on the front of the buggy but inside of it so there was no room for many groceries, Matt took Nicolas in his buggy I had Emilia on mine, we had to divide the list - which to me was such a  task - I do my list in the order of the aisles, I know I have a little "MONK" in me sometimes (I should have it for the cleaning part of my life but unfortunately I don't) and then you have to time it right with her feedings, you know if Nicolas is hungry is actually better, we get some pop corn chicken and juice and that keeps him occupied, if Emilia gets hungry Weeeell shopping experience is a disaster or it needs to an  "aborted mission" all together, I do go everywhere with my "UdderCover" but there is just something about Wal-Mart that prevents me from feeding my daughter there :)

So far going to church has been easy, as long as I get up early enough to get everyone ready and going out to eat works great as long as we - again - time it right!

I guess after all is not really that bad, it just takes getting use to doing the baby thing again when you were so used to having a child old enough that he can do so much for himself, sometimes too much.  He wants to do everything by himself and there are things that I'm not ready to do unsupervised, anything that has to do with cleaning (teeth, hair, bathing, wiping) I do let him do it but I go right behind him to check or have my turn to do it too.

In other news
- Nicolas has been moved up to a class for "big kids", he now has circle time and show-n-tell which he's so excited about.  We went to get his hair cut the other day and he was telling the girls at the salon all about his circle time of that day.  This morning before he left for pre-school he asked "Mommy! is today the day for show-n-tell??" :)  We were talking about that yesterday, I was explaining to him what that was and what was expected from him, we'll see how it works, oh how I wish I could hide in his room and hear him talk during his daily activities. He's such a talker, sometimes I have to remind him that he needs to give a turn for everyone to talk because if it was up to him we could just hear him talk 24/7, specially when he's excited!
He has been showing signs of defiance, if I tell him to not do something he looks at me - like I'm not really there - and does it and then when we are trying to correct him he gets this green on his face which drives me nuts SO I big warning was given to him the other night by his Daddy and I guess it worked because we didn't see any of it yesterday, now I know it'll happen again and I'll have to remind Daddy of the punishment offered at the time so we can keep our word.

-Emilia is cooing and smiling all the time and we LOVE it, she has discovered her hands, which she loves to hold right into her mouth, she drools a lot which reminded me that Nicolas got his 1st tooth at 4 months so may be she'll do the same? who knows ... since I'm breastfeeding her I think I'll be fine if she doesn't have any teeth until later on but again is not on my timing so whatever it is, it is!   She's been sleeping good for a baby her age, she's a little clock depending on what time she goes down.  If she goes down around 9:30 -10:00 I know for a fact she'll wake up at 2:30 and then at 5:30 if she goes down at 11:00 she'll wake up at 4:30 and then around 7 so it works pretty good that I know how many hours of sleep I'll get each night, so far so good!  I know that this great pattern changes whenever the teething time comes but I don't want to think about that for now.  She had her 2 months check up and is doing great, she is now 12 Lbs 8 Oz and 23 1/2 inches long so she's on the 75% - 90%  which has never meant much for me because that's just comparing her with all the rest of the children and she's her own individual.  I can tell she's normally growing so whatever percentile she's in it's fine with me! She got her shots and had a lot of fever but even with that she slept well.

Ok this is all for now ... longer post than I expected but since I haven't been in my blog in weeks ... here was your update! :)


carolina nana said...

Wow,she looks more like Nico did when he was a baby everytime I see her. She sure is a cutie.Sounds like you are handling multiple kids fine.
Have a blessed tomorrow.

Amy H. said...

Well, I can't give any insight on the multiple kids thing! But, I'm sure it will get easier as each day goes by. I forgot all kinds of things with ONE, so I can't imagine 2 at all!!! :)

Emilia is beautiful and Nico is such a great kid. I'm so glad to be able to see both of them grow up! And as for the defiance... I've been seeing that A LOT lately, like when I ask him to do something and I get a firm "NO" in reply. Whew, patience, patience! :)