Monday, April 12, 2010

My son reminding me of me

Ever since Emilia has been born I look at Nicolas and I can not believe how big he is, he had reminded me of me so much this past week, it's amazing.  

The other day him and his dad went to "Nana's House" (probably just to give me a break) and when they got back he brought me two flowers - one of those was the yellow ones that Dogs normally pee on - that's what my mom used to call them and that brought back immediate memories. It took me back to my front yard, a sunny day, playing outside and cutting those yellow flowers for my mom, how she made me feel so special by putting them on water like they were the prettiest she had ever seen.  I could see that window on the kitchen with a little cup where that special flower found its last days :) but in my child mind it was just a very special place for it to be so my mom could see it when she did her work.  So as my boy gave me this precious flower I made a big deal and put it on a little cup with water on my kitchen window.  The other flower was smaller and that one was for his sister. 

Last Thursday he went to the movies for the first time ever.  "How To Train Your Dragon" was the chosen movie that him, his dad and cousin went to see.  At first Nicolas didn't want to go, his first reaction to anything new is NO but it didn't take much convincing after I told him they have big bags of popcorn at the movies, so his speech of "Nooo I don't like going to the movies" changed into "Daddy, when we go to the movies tomorrow we have to get our big bag of popcorn".  I was a little nervous because I know my boy gets easily scared - or he likes to pretend that he is - so I packed his bag pack with some juice box and his blankie but of course my husband didn't use it, he said he had to "man up" :)  I'd totally taken the bag with me into the movies and gotten it out at the first sign of fear, guess is a good thing he went with his daddy and not me :)  When they got there the first thing he thing he told Matt was "Daddy! I don't want to
share my popcorn" so Matt got an empty cup and pour some of the popcorn into his own cup so he was happy then, when his cup was empty he got up and went to refill it from his cousin's bag without even asking, you know when you are 3 and you feel everything should be yours without even asking.  Colby - our nephew - didn't say a word but kept looking at Matt with a "help me" look.  Matt also said Nicolas asked him when was this movie going to be over, half way through the movie, that's when he got up and sat on his lap.  Over all a good experience and I'm so excited because this summer all three of us we are going to watch Toy Store 3. Can not wait!!
This reminded me of my first time to the movies, I was older than Nicolas, I was probably 7 or 8.  I went to watch "My friend Max", my cousin went with me and it was fun, we walked to the theater together, it was like a big girl event. I even remember what I was wearing, you know like we girls do.

Nicolas is so sensitive, while he was watching Toy Story 2 the other day - one of the many times he had watched it - he was getting very sad (you know when Jessie remembers how her life used to be when Emily was her owner), so sad to the point of tears.  I sat with him and told him it was only a movie and there was no reason to be sad, he said "but Mommy Jessie is sad and that makes me sad" ... this reminded me of when I was little I used to watch this cartoon called "Heidi" which was nothing but a soap for kids, her life was so sad and I remember watching the TV and crying because Heidi's life was just so sad.  

 Heidi and her dog niebla

Oh my boy ... you have a lot of your mother in you!!

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Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I love it! Isn't it neat to see ourselves in our kids and remembering things from our wonderful childhoods? We are blessed :)